Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The First Step in a Long, Arduous Journey

Peter and Alkistis at Scarlet Imprint recently announced the impending release of my translation of two largely overlooked Grimoires, The Black Dragon; The Infernal Forces Subject Unto Man, and The Enchiridion of Pope Leo III. This is a work that kept me occupied for the better part of a year while in prison, and I am still in awe of the manner in which S.I. have brought this work to life. While it was a great book in and of itself when I finished the English translations, Peter and Alkistis have astounded me with their editorial masterwork and the fact that they and I have, from day one and without exchanging a word, shared a vision on exactly how this book must be incarnated in every way - from appearance to editions. Although the appearance and design of a book is traditionally the purview of the publisher I allowed myself to formulate an image of how it would look in an ideal world (i.e., MY world). Hoping to, at some point, throw a suggestion out there in hopes that they'll agree, I asked:  "How does the design, layout and appearance process work?" Whereupon Alkistis almost immediately replies, "Well we have a vision of the work completed, how does this sound to you?" and proceeds to describe exactly what I had dreamt, detail by detail, down to the colors and cover design.

Were I a layman, mundane in existence and not in the business of doing the implausible and making the impossible commonplace, this would quite frankly have scared the bejeezus out of me. Now, however, after several months of mutual work and brainstorming, after having shared our visions for this and other works, the flow is seamless. Even with regard to the fine editions, there need be no discussion as Peter and Alkistis have anticipated everything I could possibly conceive or imagine and brought it to life.

Now, as Crossed Keys nears birth, I can say to those who continue to tell me how "insane" I am for going with a publisher instead of following the trend of the day and "self-publishing" so I could keep editorial and design control , you simply have not met Peter and Alkistis. 


  1. As an avid practitioner of grimoire magick, I look forward to these texts.

  2. Appreciate that ConjureMan, both myself and the publisher are going far above and beyond to make this book something special; and thanks for the comment