Monday, April 18, 2011

An Ongoing Quest For Ancient Power & A Rite Thereof

Anyone who knows me knows that I have nearly always been a Grimoiric Magus; Not a fundamentalist, but a Purist. (I do use Aaron Leitch's method to differentiate between the different breeds of Grimoiric practitioners) While I always have practiced many forms of Magick, my passion and focus has always been Grimoiric. Although I have achieved some amazing things with other forms, nothing but nothing I've found packs the sheer, for lack of a better word, power of the Magick of the Grimoires. I mean, just pure, unadulterated, exhilarating POWER...

And, call me what you will, but I absolutely love that power... In that instant, when the unseen forces of the universe are rushing through my veins, coursing through my body, when it feels as though a long dormant volcano within has suddenly awakened and is compelled to release or else explode and shatter the very fabric of time and space... I cannot conceive of any feeling coming close to that, a sentiment echoed by Frater RO in his recent post.

That being the case, I am always actively in search of undiscovered manuscripts, unknown works of ancient magick. Several months ago, I was considering the ritual of the Headless One, (For those who aren't familiar, this is the rite that Crowley & co.  so arrogantly mutated into the Bornless Invocation) and how it started life as an exorcism. Despite being an ancient rite designed to expel demons in possession of an innocent, this rite has taken so many different forms and been successfully applied in so many different ways that it behooves us to consider that it is but one in a an immense corpus of such rites, and that if it is so adaptable, it is likely that its contemporaries are equally so, and that by rediscovering, restoring and, where applicable, correcting them, we can bring forth a plethora of workings of as much or even greater value than the "Bornless" Ritual.

To that end and with that in mind I began looking through such manuscripts; The PGM among them and one of the best examples, but not at all the sole source. After finishing Crossed Keys, I began work on restoring dozens of such rites, attempting to trace their lineage and the origins of the "Barbarous Words of Evocation" and "Words of Power" contained therein, and I have to say I am very impressed. Beyond that, I am also amazed at the apparent continuity of the traditions espoused within them, as shown in the similarities to more modern medieval Grimoires.

One such rite that I've compiled from these sources is below; Taking my cue from the flexibility of the Headless One Invocation as discussed above, I have experimented with this in various ways and applying it in differing ways, using it as a preliminary invocation and summoning with great success...

I adjure you, Great ___________
I adjure you by Orphamiel, The Great Finger of the Father!
I adjure you by the Throne of the Father;
I adjure you by Orpha, the entire body of God!
I adjure you by the Chariots of the Sun!
I adjure you by the entire host of angels on high!
I adjure you by the seven Cherubim who fan the face of the Father!
I adjure you by the great Name of God, who no one knows except the Camel!
I adjure you by the seven archangels!

I adjure you, by the 24 elders whose names are:
Achael, Banuel, Ganuel, Dedael, Eptiel, Zartiel
Ethael, Thatiel, Iochiel, Kardiel, Labtiel, Merael,
Nerael, Xiphael, Oupiel, Pirael, Rael, Seroael, Tauriel,
Umnuel, Philopael, Cristuel, Psilaphael,  and Olithiel
Who sit upon 24 thrones with 24 Crowns upon their heads and 24 censers in their hands, that they may stretch out their right hands to me, each of them by name!

Send to me the 4 creatures, with 4 faces and 6 wings! 
Alpha Leon Phone Aner, 
Paramara, Zorothion Periton Akramata,
That they may stretch out their four fingers to me in the Name of the Father!

Send to me your 7 holy archangels, 
Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Suriel, 
Zetekiel, Solothiel, and Anael
That they may stretch out their hands to me!

Send unto me your 3 holy youths,
Ananias, Asarias, Misael,
Setrok, Misak, Abdenako
Each of them, by Name!

Send unto me __________
Through the power of 
Eloei Elemas Sabaoth, 
Abaktani, Abnael Naflo,

Hear me, for I call to you this night! 
Hear me and join me, by these holy names!
Hear me, great spirit ________!

I have used it very successfully as an exorcism and cleansing, expelling a particularly virulent little shit of a malefic (who I am quite confident would pimp slap anyone attempting to send him packing by way of the "famed" LBRP or its "greater" counterparts) by appending the following piece from an Exorcism in an MS Biblioteca Nazionale

Draw for me your sword and banish the profane!
Bend for me you bow against he he opposes me!
Cleanse for me the whole of this place!
Cleanse for me the depths!
Cleanse for me the East!
Cleanse for me the North!
Cleanse for me the South!
Cleanse for me the West!
Cleanse for me the heights!

By the great name of the Father, and to his Glory!
And that of those who stand in his presence, 
Athonas Siak Ksas Sabak Kaab Kaesas Ekoe


  1. Brilliant stuff, man. I am loving it. You've got an awesome thing going here, keep it up. Lots of people can learn from your concise and direct approach here.

  2. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs. I am a huge fan of the PGM. I think that the Grimorie traditions can do well to be seen in light that has been put forth by yourself and JSK.

    As professional exorcist, I'm definitely going to give this a try.

  3. I'm glad you like it ConjureMan; I'll keep it coming. The fact that what I'm writing is enjoyed by the OG's of the blogosphere such as RO and yourself tells me that my initial skepticism in starting one was unfounded. I appreciate all the support!

  4. This is the 1st time I read your blog Michael. This is really great shit. Really like the adaptation. Will have to try it on for size... ((bow))

  5. I just picked up your book "The Book of Abrasax" coming in the mail from the UK any spoilers?