Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Great Work - A Whole Lot of WORK

Whoever gave this the name "The Great WORK" Wasn't kidding. Contrary to what you'd expect, there's a hell of a lot of work involved. This weekend I stayed home and focused on that Work, crafting more Materia for use in my G4J work on Thursdays, and in my general evocations. (I use the term Materia very broadly, covering everything from oils, incenses, candles, dagger, scrying mirror and everything in between). For some reason which hasn't yet been made clear to me, it was important that I craft a few new tools using woodburning rather than my s.o.p. of appropriately colored paints. While they're clearly not the product of a professional craftsman, I'm pretty happy with how they came out; especially since it was my first time ever holding a woodburner. I wasn't looking forward to this, and was toying with the idea of buying tools already crafted so I could instead spend the weekend out and about, enjoying the weather. I was, however, urged to create them myself and reluctantly, begrudgingly acquiesced.

Here is one of the tools I made

The design itself is based on a classic, but I've chosen to use Celestial Script as opposed to Hebrew, and separated the names of Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel with the symbols of the elements. (I didn't just start changing things arbitrarily, there is a method to my madness)

Despite spending the better part of two days working on this and a half dozen other items, which is far more time than I can usually devote to any one thing without growing nauseatingly bored at the monotony and tedium, I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps its my anticipation of using my new tools. Maybe its because handcrafting your materia adds power to it. Maybe I just loved turning off the android and being completely free of distractions and thus able to focus on one thing for once. Whatever the case, I liked it. Its been a while since I sat down and created something Magickal for myself, and I miss that. I remember the satisfaction I used to get in prison, melting bars of soap and shaping them into candles, and then lighting them with battery from my AM radio and a wire torn from the light fixture in the shower room. Using perfume inserts from magazines to make improvised incense. Despite the tools I used in those days being the most absurdly conceived of objects you can imagine, they worked out pretty freakin' well, and I think thats because of the time and effort put into creating them. Maybe I endowed them with power simply as an act of Will, maybe it really isnt WHAT you use, but HOW you use it and the intent with which you do so.

Whatever the case, now that I've remembered how much I enjoy creating Materia, AND  I'm unrestricted in my creativity and limited only by my imagination, I'm gonna be a busy man...

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  1. Man, I'm with you. There's something about being absorbed in working with your hands to craft materia that is satisfying.