Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cellini's Marvellous Banishing Rite of The..., Wait, the WHAT???

Under the category of more magickal levity, an entry from Cellini's autobiography by way of JSK's Geosophia.

In his autobiography, the author presents the details of a hugely successful evocation he undertook with others, where "thousands" of the fiercest demons appeared outside their circle. Apparently, when Cellini and his brethren gave the "License to Depart" as prescribed in the text from which they worked, they discovered "demons" aren't so easily commanded and do not bow in obedience, as the demons flat out refused and continued to terrorize the hapless mages who quickly became convinced they would be killed.


"Agnolo, in that moment as he moved, made a flatulent trumpeting with so great an abundance of excrement as was much more powerful than the asafoetida. The lad, at that horrible Stench and that noise raised his face a smile, on hearing me laugh, and plucking up courage, he said that the Spirits were departing in great haste."

Using our greatly developed Magus' powers of visualization, can't you just see this happening? Lucifuge in all his glory surrounded by all the legions at his command barely held at bay by the magickal circle yelling "Puny mortals, know ye not that I am the great prince of the infernal regions and that I will tear ye limb from... wait, what the.. thats not asafoetida what the fu.., dude, wait, did you just..? Oh COME ON, dude REALLY? You freakin cra.. you know what, nevermind. Thats not even cool, I'm going home."


  1. The only guys left there were Belfegor, who rather enjoyed it, and, for no apparent reason, the might Fecalor....

  2. The mighty banishing fart!... with feces... lmao

  3. I thinks I could get behind this movement... Wait, that sounds horrible.
    I've cleared rooms before but never thought to see if demons and jinn could be forced out in similar fashion ;)