Friday, June 10, 2011

Jupiterian Experiment - Evocation and Consecration Completed

Amar.Utu, or Μαρδοχαῖος

Pleased to report that the work performed last night was an unqualified success, and that despite the monumental thunder storms which absolutely terrified my dogs, no tornado occured. The materials for the experiment will be sent to the 4 other participants this weekend, in hopes that we can kick this into high gear at once.

On a side note, two project updates;

First, I am quite pleased to announce that a short work on Angelic and Demonic Evocation, including two workings with which I have had a good measure of success, will be published by Hadean Press as part of their forthcoming Conjure Codex. I am honored to have my work bound in the same volume as that of Frisvold and Dhr. Balthazar as well as all the others contributing to this important work.

Second is that my work over the last weeks on the article for Conjure Codex has motivated me to resume work on a project I began years ago - a full volume of instruction in the practice of evocation. When I set it aside to work on The Black Dragon some years ago, it had already reached 300+ pages and is textbook-like in its depth and detail. Originally, in fact, it was intended to be just that - a textbook - for a group of students I had taken on who had grown weary of the Golden Dawn tradition in which they'd spent some years, and in whom I saw potential. This one will likely take until the end of the year, but promises to be of great interest to all who share my love of Grimoiric and other ancient Magick.

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