Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back To Business

Having been momentarily distracted from the work at hand by other projects, I am happy to report that the Jupiterian Experiment for which I recently solicited volunteers is back on track. 4 of the consecrated candles with appropriate sigils emblazoned thereon have been sent and will reach the recipients this week. (For those of you who are involved, when you receive them please email me for the conjuration and instructions I promised as well as a fuller explanation of the project's origin)

In addition, having discussed the project with some of my peers at G4J only to discover that the project as I envisioned it intersects perfectly with one that was foreseen by one of them, I am looking at ways to expand it. I have arranged with a local purveyor to purchase a number of the Jupiterian Talismans tradition ascribes to Joseph Smith for the next phase, and should receive them in the coming week.

Anyone else interested in participating, leave a comment here with your email address and I'll contact you directly. (Your email address will not be published)

Periodic updates and field reports from the volunteers beginning the work will be posted weekly.

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