Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Field Report

Received another field report from one of the seekers I took on as a collaborator in my experiment in Jupiterian consecration. For those who've just joined us and are thus unfamiliar with the work in question, during my Jupiterian work with Gentlemen For Jupiter I "discovered" a means by which the God Marduk could be sought for blessings and a relationship established with him by means of an item consecrated to him, in this case a 7 day candle.

Chaver Mike.
Just wanted to give you an update on how things have gone with the work following the initial report from the 7 days.

There have been a few subtle changes in my life and a few not so subtle. 

-Financially things are a little smoother.  Bills appear to be less than expected.  A little more money in the bank at the end of each month type of thing than expected.  Neither I, nor my wife have changed anything in our habits, but it is there none the less... and I will not complain.  Not entirely sure if this is related, but figured it was worth mentioning. 

-I have had a BIG push... i would say internally... to DO MORE MAGIC.  I now eat, sleep, and breath it at all times... very similar to a few years back.  It is a strong internal URGING to do more all the time.  I feel as if a channel has finally been relieved of a blockage i did not know was there.

-My dreams are more vivid than ever since the ritual, and my dream recall is borderline 100%.  I am actually quite tired in the morning from having experienced the dreams as if I was awake.  I become lucid in the dreams a lot more often as well.

-Lastly, While i have no wish to have any students, i have people coming out of the word works asking me to teach them this or that.  People i do not know from all over the world emailing me and asking to be taught.  The majority of them are seeking get rich quick magic, or "i want to make jinn manifest in my living room for my friends" type of things, with a few more genuine seekers here and there, but i appear to have popped up on peoples radar rather suddenly and randomly.

I hope that this has helped with your experiment, and hope to hear how your other "subjects" have progressed.  P.S. if you will post this on your blog (which i am ok with) please refer to me as subject# or anonymous.  i try and keep some personal things out of the public eye... finances, wife, etc. 

Shortly after receiving the above, I got a follow up from him:
OH!  Wow... absent minded.  Sent that before i finished writing everything i wanted to.  I am at work and received a call in the middle of it.
In regards to every time i continue to focus on and call on Marduk, i keep getting a VERY strong warrior image.  When working with Divine Aspects or spirits, i rarely get a voice.  Sometimes i get emotions, but mostly i get mental images.  When i work with Marduk now, i continuously get these images of battle of a warrior king standing on top of a mountain.  I do not normally get images of this type, and am not drawn to fancy.
Also, in my own life, outside of magic... rather daredevil opportunities have cropped up.  For my birthday, my wife bought me a tandem skydiving coupon which i used the next day.  My cousin bought me an ocean Kayaking trip for next week.  My other cousin bought me surfing lessons.
I am also in steady communication with my qareen (a jinn if you are familiar with the history), and he gave me a rather interesting water and mirror based ritual to try... which i have not yet done as it requires me to make the mirror/basin and setting by hand.

So i see a lot of water and sky influences suddenly being thrown at me.

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  1. Many happy returns on your birthday! Awesome how the completion of the Crossed Keys Sable et d'Or fine bound edition coincides with it. I look forward to finally reading it upon my own copy's arrival.