Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Overtaken By Events, Again

I've been quite negligent these past two weeks in keeping this blog updated, and for that I apologize. I've been overtaken by events once again, having had several projects dropped firmly in my lap both at work, at home and in the most important area of my life - My Magick. 

For those who aren't with G4J or on my facebook page and therefore don't know, last week Jupiter delivered up two excellent boons on Thursday - Its own day. To remove any hint of subtlety and make its intervention in my life abundantly clear, the first of these two boons (a great promotion at work) was communicated to me at 2:30pm - the day and the hour of Jupiter. 

On another note, I have switched web hosts and both AND are owned, hosted and soon to be running on a whole new server. The forums mentioned in an earlier blog post will be up, as will a general site where I'll be posting a ton of material useful to all those in pursuit of mastery in this field of Magick. Most exciting though, will be the online classrooms and courses using the same format and software utilized by many universities use for their online education, where I fully intend to manipulate, cajole and persuade others such as Frater RO to hold seminars, lectures, etc... 
For those not following Frater RO's blog, if indeed such a person exists, You nearly missed an opportunity he publicized for me to obtain Jupiterian Talismans consecrated and charged using methods and conjurations taken directly from Crossed Keys. (theres one left, so if it sounds interesting, pay a visit and check out his original post including some photos as well as a discussion between myself, RO and Chris Warnock on astrological elections in talisman creation in the comments section)

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