Saturday, September 3, 2011

More (Yes, MORE) On The HGA

After having read Jason Miller's thoughts on the topic of the day, to wit the ongoing debate with regard to the HGA and its nature, I wanted to clarify a couple points from my original post which I now understand may have been misinterpreted. 

First is my statement that obtaining contact with the HGA is not simple. I stand by the intent of this, although as Jason point's out, the word I should have used is "Easy", not "Simple". He, along with everyone else who's chimed in, agree with my contention that the method by which we attain success can be something as "Simple" as a heartfelt prayer. That was, originally, the entirety of what I intended to express in my post - That its the preparedness, the intent and such that count, NOT the words or rites you use. THAT part of the operation IS simple. The methods you use to obtained communication can be as complex OR simple as you like, if you are ready you will succeed. 

Instead of saying "Its not a simple process", I should have said "Its not an EASY process". Because, whatever it IS, its definitely not easy. It may indeed culminate in something as simple as a prayer, but the road you travel to reach that prayer is NOT easy. It takes work. I agree with Jason and the GBG in that you SHOULD begin working towards it immediately, but you need to understand that its not going to HAPPEN immediately. It takes work. For some, like Jason, it may come in as few as 8 months. For others it takes longer. 

My point is this; Dont expect to succeed the first time you use Samekh or any other rite. It will come when you're ready. If your heart isnt in it and you are half assing the work, just going through the motions, it wont come at all. If you are going in it full force, sincerely intent on accomplishing thee great work, you'll get there sooner. But whatever the case, its going to take work, and thus it is not going to be EASY. You're not going to embark on a magickal path today, do Samekh or anything else and meet your Angel tomorrow. Not going to happen, because youre not ready. When you ARE ready, you can do Samekh, Jason's Tibetan Magick or just turn your head toward the heavens and say "Hey, I think Im ready".

The end result IS simple, the work it takes to get there is NOT easy. 

Hope that clarifies my own beliefs.

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  1. Couldn't agree more - and to me this is the essence of it. You got to be ready for it. But until you are there you don't know what "ready" means for you. So the best way I found is to embrace personal change and development and not to become obsessed with the HGA only... Gaining conscious communion with your HGA is easy when you are ready, yet part of a much large process than only a single rite. Personally it took me 9 years of intense magickal study and practice and communion was only achieved after a complex four week rite... Others will be much quicker and - as you say - just look at the stars when they are ready.