Friday, September 2, 2011

Other Spirits, and Their Relationships With The Magus

Having now discussed the natures of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Supernatural Assistant, I thought it appropriate to touch briefly on the some of the other sorts of spirits with which the Magus can establish relationships. While there are more such classes than anyone knows for sure, this series of posts will focus on a handful of those with which I the most experience and leave many others for my forthcoming book, Advanced Evocation. 

The first concept I'll touch on is that of Patrons. While many different traditions believe in some form of patron or personal spirits, the definitions and natures vary from one to the next and I will be speaking only from my own experience. While I have a number of spirits I work with regularly, through spirit houses, offerings, evocation and even invocation, the first patron I ever had and to whom I am most fervently devoted to this day is Aset, or as she is more commonly known, Isis. So strong is my relationship with the Goddess that Asar and Heru have also become extremely close to me and are two I will at times refer to as offering me patronage as well, simply because the level at which they make themselves available to me is so remarkable. Besides Aset, Anpu is my second, for he has been more involved with me than any other, and was the first to manifest visibly for me during evocation. 

Moving, then, to the nature of a patron, whether it be a God or Goddess, Angel or Demon. What separates them from any other spirit with whom you work? What makes them your patron as opposed to another spirit whose qualities and known attributes more closely fit your own desires? First thing to know is that you dont choose your patron. There may be spirits, gods, goddesses etc... who you find absolutely intriguing, and who you sincerely wish were your benefactors, to whom you make offerings and whom you attempt to seduce into becoming such, but that doesnt make it so. The fact is, from my experience, that your patrons choose you, and in every case I'm aware of, you dont have to try overmuch to know it because they make it obvious. In my case, all throughout my life "Isis" was present. My first real girlfriend at the age of 13 was named Isis Maria Irrizarry. The first piece of jewelry I was ever given, long before I had any idea who she was, was a figaro gold chain with a medallion of enthroned Isis. Literally dozens and dozens of times throughout my life, long before I began my Magickal quest, she appeared in such ways. I used to have vivid dreams of her holding a snake, which I didnt understand until years later I learned the legend of how she obtained the secret name of Ra.

Later in life when I began the study and practice of Magick, training under an old Golden Dawn adept, one of the first things I came in contact with was the pantheon on Egypt, in the form of the Sign of the mourning of Isis, the formula IAO, etc... I mentioned to my teacher how she had been a recurring figure in my life, and he explained that she had an interest in me that I needed to delve into. At the time, I was unfamiliar with concepts such as Evocation, at least in the form I NOW know it, and knew only the GD ways. I began scrying, using her symbol of the throne, seeking during astral travel, seeking during lucid dreaming and other means. In every method I attempted to contact her, I was far more successful than I ever was using the same method to contact others. While I may have been getting decent mileage with Lucid Dreaming when trying to contact Belial, when I attempted the same methods to reach her, she was just instantly there. It was like I never had to try very hard to contact her. As soon as a little step in her direction was taken, she would come the rest of the distance to me.

When in her presence, whether its during a lucid dream or astral travel, during a full evocation or even just lighting incense and candles on her altar, its as if I am in her embrace, and the knowledge that I am loved by her is utterly overwhelming. There has never once been a time that I've called on her when she hasnt responded, and has come even in times when I needed her but didnt know it.

I would be lying if I claimed to understand why a God or Goddess chooses any individual among us as their ward as opposed to any other, but I find that incomprehensibility applies to most of what goes on in the divine minds they possess. It is possible for us to know WHAT they do and HOW they act, but WHY they do these things is beyond me.Nonetheless, it is an honor to have such an entity take such a remarkable interest in you, and you must at all times afford them the appropriate love and respect in return. I make constant offerings of incense, candles, food and wine to Isis as well as to Anpu. (and Asar & Heru, although I do ascribe their availability to me more to Aset being my benefactor than their own interest in me) I carry out full evocation and full invocation at least once per year, and wherever possible I try to reintroduce my patrons to others (such as in this post, for example).

A patron spirit, whether it be a God, a Goddess, Angel, Demon or something in between, can be one of your most powerful allies and is in some ways more reliable than even your HGA, simply because its love for you and protective nature where you are concerned are of its own will, whereas the HGA is merely keeping with its divine mandate to serve as your guardian and does so without being obligated to. It does so out of genuine love for you, and because it WANTS to.

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  1. Great post. I found it very interesting about the patronage Isis has provided you. My first contact that set me on my current path was with Isis. She spoke audibly to me and welcomed me which began my search or my homecoming, and while work with Isis has receded somewhat as Lilith has acted more as my patroness, contact and working with Isis, Osiris, and Horus has always been easier to make than with other Egyptian pantheon. I am forever grateful for their guidance in my first years early forays into paganism, and esoteric study.