Friday, October 21, 2011

Field Report

Just received another field report.

Dear Mike,

Yesterday evening, at the hour of Jupiter y made the Ritual for establishing contact, despite i was all day with the flu and feeling  little tired, i decided to do it. My girlfriend a i prepared a table for the candles and the incense and printed a picture of marduk.

She was a little scared, because she isn´t into magick a i am, we´ve done the Gates of Jupiter rituals described by RO and she liked them, but i don´t know why yesterday she was scared of this ritual...

The ritual was very good, when i said the 50 names i really could feel a presence over the table, it was like if someone was standing there. That presence didn´t scared me or my girlfriend, in fact, i felt comfortable with that... i welcomed him, gave him the offerings and told him that we would like to establish a relationship with him in order to receive his blessings... then i said goodbye, and closed the rite....

The rite was about 15 to 20 minutes, i left the candles burning and the flames were high and beautiful.... i hope my offerings were received and to start a good relationship with Marduk...

after the rite i felt like a boast of energy in my body... the tiredness disappeared !!! ... i felt good !!!

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