Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Field Report

This will be a brief post as I'm writing on my droid and have not yet mastered the art of touchscreen typing. (Fat fingers and small keys are not the most compatible combination) Besides that, I'm at a restaurant awaiting my amaretto sour and rib eye and  at the moment I'm being given a remarkably dirty look by my date. Nonetheless, I'm extremely pleased with a field report I just received and wanted to share it immediately. Below is the portion that has me excited enough to risk the wrath of an angry lady dinner companion.

     "Dear Mike, I am happier than I've ever been right now and I had to write and thank you! First letme tell you honestly because you need to know. I have been practicing magic for 6 years and lately Ive been having doubts because despite my effort I never was able to contact spirits and could never communicate with them. I went through modern magic and then bardon but never succeeded in invocation or evocation, until now. I used the introduction and calling to Marduk from Mardukite Magick of yours yesterday and for the first time ever I succeeded! Marduk appeared beautifully and in regalia like a warrior with a lightning bolt in his hand and he spoke very clearly to me as if he were right there in the flesh!! This is a super super thing and I am in tears! ........"

I've omitted the remainder as he here gets rather personal and inclusion of the rest of the story wouldnt add anything more.


OK Back to my date

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  1. Looks interesting, hope your lady friend wasn't to upset!