Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Questions, Questions and Questions

     Over the past few weeks I've received a few dozen questions, here and on facebook, and even more so since the release of Chasing The Dragon and now Mardukite Magick spanning such a wide variety of topics as to include everything from my own religious beliefs to political views. A handful or so have popped up with more frequency, and so I figured I'd post them along with their answers here despite having replied to each of them individually. .

Q." I cant figure out your path, you have written about work with Archangels at EM, and you used the Enchiridion which  is totally Christian, but you also say you're not a Christian and you also encourage work with demons. I remember you said you pray to "your" god every night, are you talking about YHVH or what? I'm not christian myself so I never tried to use books like Enchiridion because they praise Jesus, so help me out, how is it possible? And are you like a Satanist or what?"

A. I do work with Archangels and I do work with "demons". I'm NOT a Christian, I do not believe "Jesus" was a god and I do not pray to him. I am, however, a follower of the historical Yeshua, who was Man, Master and Magus but not God. The God to whom I pray and from whom I have drawn immeasurable blessings is variously referred to as "The Man of Light", "The Good" or simply "The Father", and is the God who was known to Yeshua, and of whom spoke Poimandres. The one who is before the first beginning, of whom all of nature has become an image and who the inferior hath not formed. Not the god of the old testament, the one of The Gospel of Thomas or Baruch. The Source of all, who the Gods and Goddesses are descended from. Working with the "demons" does not in any way contradict my faith in Him because they are not in opposition to him. The "fallen" angels, the "demons", those who rebelled oppose the god of the old testament who thought to enslave all and falsely decreed that he was the one and only god when in fact he was but a product of Sophia and one of many. 

Q. "What do you think of the Enochian System? Do you use it at all? Ever thought of mixing it in with your Goetic invocations when you summon the Goetics?".

A. Enochian is a very powerful system when used properly. I know someone who is adept in its use and who does things that are mind blowing. I, however, have very little knowledge of it and have used it only sporadically (Ex. in my GD time during the Watchtower Ceremony and SBRP which dont quite qualify as using the Enochian system, just borrowing words from it) I'd love to delve into it at some point, but right now I have no where near the time that it would take to begin to understand such a complex system, and while I'm all for logical syncretizing, throwing in Enochian language with my Grimoiric Conjurations isnt something I'm likely to toy with. 

Q. You seem to have contempt for Golden Dawn Magic, why is that?

A. While I've never been initiated into any inner order or been in the tomb of Rosenkreutz I did spend a couple years devoted to learning the system, and before that working through Modern Magic by DMK. I cant say GD isnt a valid Magickal school or that they dont, well, practice Magick, because I havent been on the inside of a temple to find out what goes on there. I can however say that my original teacher WAS an inner order initiate and I have a good friend who currently IS 6= and both of them admit that they do far less "Magick" than most people you'd talk to here in the online community who arent affiliated. (They admit this grudgingly, but admit it nonetheless). I'm not into pageantry and theatrics, holding elaborate costumed initiations and grade ceremonies or quasi masonic pomp and ceremony, I dont want to spend a year learning the hebrew alphabet or paths and tarot associations, I want to dig in and do Magick, and I've done very well at it without using a LBRP or Qaballistic Cross in the last decade or so, and the dozen or so students Ive had and have now, one of whom quit GD after reaching Exempt Adept have better results with my methods than anything else. For some the GD is a lifesaver and the greatest thing they ever do, and I commend them for that. Its just not for me. If I was going to be a part of an order I'd prefer Sangreal Sodality, Astrum Sophia or OAE. 

 Q. "Hey on The Lions Den you mention students, Do you accept new students or offer lessons?"

A. No.  The students I speak of are offline and close enough to make face to face lessons feasible. Currently there are 5 of them and the farthest one from me is about 60 miles away, but makes the trip down here for one weekend a month. I do think making courses and curriculum available to prospective students online is a great idea and immensely valuable thing, I just dont have the time to create a lesson plan or materials. I DO however respond to ALL emails and questions here on facebook, and am always available to provide any advice or guidance you may need.  If you are looking for a teacher who will take you where you need to be and give you a first rate education see RO's Red Work Courses and Jason's Strategic Sorcery .

Q. "Damn I missed out on the Jupiter Talismans can you let me know if you ever get more? Of if you can do one for me of Venus for attracting love?"
A. Jupiter Talismans can be created at any time as Botanica Santa Barbara right nearby has made them readily available to me. They can be consecrated using methods from Crossed Keys OR through Evocation of Marduk. They are available on my website here if you want the same style as shown in the link above, or you can email me for other types/ styles or ones cast in different metals. I DO also create Talismans for Venus, Sol, Mercury and Mars.  I also consecrate Statues of the Egyptian Gods for Altar using ACTUAL Nile water and Sand from Giza.


  1. Hi there,

    I purchased your ebook on Marduk Magick, and had emailed you concering a couple of questions on not having the right supplies. I hadn't heard back from you and decided to work with what I had since you mentioned that he was more interested in sincerity.

    So, this early a.m. (Thursday) I bathed, set out a white sheet and placed a handmade stool I have to use as my altar. i place a white clothe on it as well.

    I dressed with a blue shirt, lit Myrrh incense and only had 2 round candles (blue). I had bought some new glass wares and and use them for the candle holders, and another one for holding herbs. Plus I printed off a picture of Marduk and put it in a nice frame.

    Now, let me say that I am new to this work and am learning to "see/hear/feel" energies. So, after I finished reading the names and during it, the candle flame to my right was flickering really intensely. When I go to the personal portion of the work, I introduced myself and asked a sign to know he was there. Both candle flames flickered really hard. Also, during the work, my spine was really cool, as if I had "icy/hot" muscle run on it and the cooling effect was on it.

    I closed the ceremony and that was it. I would be interested in your feedback on it.

    Thank you,


  2. Hey Jerry - never did get your email. It must have ended up getting hijacked by the junk mail filter. Im glad its working for you! Try emailing me again with any questions or leave your email address in the comments and I'll get back to you