Monday, November 14, 2011

A Favor To Ask...

Yes, I know, I am supposed to be on R&R for the next day or two, and I am! But I wanted to drop in and ask a favor of everyone that wont cost you a penny and will help my favorite charity organization - the Villalobos Rescue Center, which is the worlds largest pitbull rescue site. If you watch TV, you may have seen them, as they have a show they do to raise awareness and generate concern in Pitbull Rescue. The Show is called Pitbulls and Parolees. 

Chas* Bank has established a 3 million dollar grant for charity organizations, and the winners of the grants are determined by votes. They have several categories including breast cancer research, feeding homeless etc... and the one that brings me here today, which is for charities that help animals. I'd love to see VRC win their category and take home the prize for animal welfare charities.  Its free and only requires a click on their "Vote For This Charity" button from Chas*'s Facebook page, and right now Villalobos is holding steadily in second place, with 8 days left to vote. I'm asking everyone to please do so, as this is truly a worthwhile charity.

Below is a message from VRC's page:

Keep those votes coming, we can't even dare to dream that we might finish in first place. No more struggling with broken down laundry machines, we could get a heavy duty machine in place AND keep up with blanket washing. Move the dogs to their new location and get them set up in the comfort they so deserve. Vote for us here, and don't forget to share this with everyone you know, there are only 8 days left to vote!

I would be very grateful if everyone would take 30 seconds of their time and vote. Here is the link

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