Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ten Magical Books Worth Remembering

This morning my google reader was alight with a baker's dozen of new blog posts for me to read throughout the day. While this in and of itself is always enough to brighten up an otherwise dreary morning, one of them stood out. First, because it provided some insight into the mind of a practitioner I respect and which books he holds to be the most memorable and which have helped him develop. Second, because it provided me with my daily food for thought, and compelled me to contemplate which ten (or so) books would make MY list.

For me, though, some of them werent of the 20th Century, so I'm going to deviate from Ian a bit here and make my list consist of my most valued Magickal Books from any century. Oh, and Like Ian, I find myself unable to limit myself to ten, so I've cheated a bit and let the list run on.

In no particular order:
Hans Betz - The Greek Magical Papyrii, In Translation, Including the Demotic Spells
Stephen Flowers - Hermetic Magic; The Postmodern Papyrus of Abaris
Pablo Torijano - Solomon The Esoteric King incl. Magical Treatise of Solomon*
Rufus Opus - Modern Goetic Grimoire*
Ouroboros Press - The Picatrix, Vols 1 and 2. 
Skinner & Rankine - The Veritable Key of Solomon
Skinner & Karr - Sepher Raziel 
Skinner (Trans.) 4th Book of Agrippa
FL Griffith - The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden
Joe Peterson - Lesser Key of Solomon
Jason Miller - Sorcerer's Secrets 
Nineveh Shadrach - Magick That Works
Denning & Phillips - Magical Philosophy, 5 Vol.

If, for some horrific and dreadful reason, I had to reduce my personal library to bare bones, these, I think, would constitute the very barest without which I could not do. Well, I guess I could, I'd just be very, extremely pissed.

*Prior to Golden Hoard's release of a definitive and complete edition of the Magical Treatise of Solomon, Pablo Torijano's work for academia contained the only printed version thereof. I havent yet received my eagerly anticipated deluxe edition of the Golden Hoard release, but I am certain it will soon supersede the former.
*Available only in PDF format and no longer sold by RO, this is nevertheless one of my all time favorites and one which I strongly recommend. His Modern Angelic Grimoire is likewise excellent, but, well, I'm a a blasphemous little bastard and I do love my "demons". Dammit RO make this one available in print form!!


  1. People tend to say that much of the material from Nineveh is sanitized and disfigured from the original sources and that he often offers incorrect information and translations. I have never worked with his system so i am interested what you have to say about it.

  2. Ylem, Well, I agree with them. BUT, there arent many alternatives. Hes the only one bringing this material out and despite any adaptations or bowdlerizations we can still draw jewels from it.

  3. True, there aren't. I am hoping someone will eventually translate old Arabic grimoire's like The Sun of the Great Knowledge. I have been told that Arabic grimoire's instruct the magi in using energies of the body as well, unlike the western magick. It it is the most lacking thing in Nineveh's writings.