Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Book Of The Offices Of Spirits

     Today I've have the pleasure of sitting back and reading Teitan Press' newest addition to the Fredrick Hockley collection, of which I am a big fan. As usual, the book itself is beautiful, in all its powerful black and gold simplicity, but that's just the aesthetics, and the real value lies in the content. 

     What we have here is a complete Grimoire of the Solomonic Tradition, never before published, which is drawn from an MS which represents one of the early examples thereof, dating at least to 1583, placing it around the time Dee and Kelley began their work, but likely having origins even further back into antiquity. 

     Contained herein you will find a hierarchy of spirits, similar in nature to that which is found in the Goetia of Lemegeton, describing the rank of each spirit, number of subordinates. Of particular interest, to me at least, is that we find spirits with whom I've worked before, in The Black Dragon, albeit having been herein reassigned. (i.e., Amaymon is, in this work, found in the South, Lucifer is herein restored to his place of glory as the sovereign of all infernal spirits whereas in the Black Dragon he is relegated to rulership of one of the days of the week) This aspect of the work is of value to me as it ties in to another project I am presently working on, for myself if no one else, which evaluates the tendency of a spirit such as those named to appear in one Grimoire holding one office, and in several others with as many ranks.

     Also of interest to me is that the listing of spirits contained herein far exceeds that found in Goetia not only in number, but also explicating in greater detail the hierarchy of the spirits contained in the work, their subordinates, superiors, etc...

     Also included are workings of Magick for various purposes, one of which purports to be the charm with which the Roman empire prospered and through which they gained knowledge of the past, present and future.

     I have been a fan of the Hockley series since the first volume, the now out of print and sold out Complete Book of Magical Science, but for me, as a Grimoiric  practitioner whose focus is evocation, this edition is the best of the bunch. I would recommend this book to anyone who has interest in these areas of Magick. It can be found at the Teitan/ Weiser Antiquarian site

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