Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays To All

     Having been absent from the blogosphere for a couple of weeks now due to a pair of deaths among my friends and being overtaken by events in general, I wanted to drop in and extend my best wishes to one and all and hopes that the holidays were good to all my friends, fellow bloggers, readers and practitioners of this, our art. While I am a rather outspoken critic of all things catholic in particular and mainstream christian in general, this time of year has been sacred since long before Constantine's Council ever sat and before Yehshua lived, and one need not be of them to enjoy this time of year. Below is a graphic I've, er, appropriated, from one of my brethren's profiles which says it far better than I could. 

     I'm working on a handful of articles to be posted here over the next couple of weeks wherein I'll be getting back to what this blog is all about - DOING MAGICK, and expect to be announcing the completion of one of the previously mentioned projects soon as well, but for now I'll  take my leave. I hope that the holidays and the forthcoming new year are fruitful to one and all!

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