Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year, New You. And Me.

     Opening my reader this afternoon to see what adventures my fellow bloggers are presently engaged in, I discovered several posts entitled, you guessed it, New Year, New You. Interesting title, and when the likes of RO, Jason and Jow are all talking about the same thing, as a general rule, you know something cool is about to happen. Opening first Head For The Red, by the 4th sentence I was IN. (that sentence being "Basically its about doing Magic like a motherfucking boss") My prerogative throughout life has always been thus, and in everything I have done I have employed that philosophy. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing like a King, and if a mile is to be gone, the only way to go is HARD. RO's one sentence explanation of Deb's project therefore was sufficient to send me right over to her blog to see just what it was we were talking about.

     I'm late to the party and so I'm sure you're all familiar with this project which began as "An experiment in magical, radical transformation" over at  "Charmed, I'm Sure" I hadn't previously known of this blog, it having somehow escaped my searches for quality Magickal dialogue, but I'm happy to have had it brought to my attention. I find that I enjoy the author's writing style, and if this experiment is any indication of what one might find there, I look forward to what comes next.

     This is going to be a busy year for me, as I believe I've mentioned on a few occasions and in a few venues, packed with Magick, books and travels, all of which will, in the immortal words of RO, be done in a fashion befitting a motherfucking boss.

     What, you ask, will I be doing?

     More than I can begin to relate. Seven months into this year I will, for the first time in 10 long years, be free to travel the world. Hither and thither shall I go, sneaking and peeking, snooping and pooping wheresoever I wish!

  • I will fulfill a promise made in 2004 by setting foot on the sands of Giza, Abu Simbel and Luxor. 
  • I will, for the first time, attend the excellent events held by my good friends at Scarlet Imprint, to wit the Summer of Love and the Day of the Dead. 
  • I will attend Crucible in NJ and share a long overdue drink with Misters Miller and Opus
  • I will spend ten uninterrupted days, sans any electronics or communication of any kind, in my beachfront cottage doing absofuckinglutely nothing but meditating, relaxing, and recharging. 
     As it stands, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, the thrust of my Magickal work this year will be Jupiterian in nature. My work with Marduk will be taken to its next level. I will concentrate nearly all my efforts at expansion and empowerment. Abundance. Rebuilding a Kingdom I lost 7 years ago. 

     Nearing completion right now is a collaboration between myself and Trident Books (yeah, TRIDENT). Next is When Kingdoms Come, the Gentlemen For Jupiter anthology of which I recently spoke and which is going to take its place among the modern classics. Following that, still this year, a Grimoiric work with Nephilim Press, who will be releasing E.A. Koetting's next and possibly last work, The Book of Azazel. 

     Its going to be a big year folks... Stay tuned


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