Thursday, December 8, 2011

When Kingdoms Come - Gentlemen For Jupiter, Coming To A Bookshelf Near You

     I am very pleased to announce that Gentlemen For Jupiter is now engaged in the work of bringing to life our first book, tentatively entitled "When Kingdoms Come", which will be published with our good friends at Hadean Press. This work is a collaborative effort comprising essays and articles by a dozen or so members of our Jupiterian Cult. The work will be prefaced by a history of G4J as well as brief biographical notes on each of the members contributing to the work. Following that you can expect articles packed with both theory and praxis by a stellar cast of characters, some of which are 

Chris Bradford, who's just released a superb Guide to The Underworld
Derik Richards, who I recently mention as author of The Lunar Formula of IAO
Logan Hillier

And many others whose replies we await and will be announced as they confirm. 

     In this volume we have brought together many of the brightest and boldest minds in modern Magick under the rule of Jupiter, and this work promises to be one of which the Lord of Abundance himself would approve.   For those G4J members who've not yet been contacted and who would like to propose a contribution of writing or art, Sef Salem is collecting and reviewing submissions for inclusion, after which I will edit and place them, so see him with your material or suggestions. 

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