Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Thoughts On Recent Blogosphere Fun

     Although I haven't been posting over the last week and a half, I've managed to keep up with recent events among my fellow bloggers and as I have a few moments before my next meting this afternoon I wanted to touch on them before they grown even more stale than the time thats elapsed already has made them. 

     The first thing I wanted to cover, or rather rant about, is a brief discussion in the comments section of my last post with regard to the validity of Strategic Sorcery and its value to one such as myself whose path is Grimoiric, and who has been an unabashed critic of all things "New Age". 

     I won't rehash all of whats already been expressed in greater detail in the comments section, but in summary, one of my readers was surprised that I'd posted a field report for Strategic Sorcery, his own belief being that Jason's system is part of that New Age fad-magick for which I have expressed so much disdain. Jason and others replied to this, and after a couple of days the discussion died off, but before it did so it provoked one reader to contact me via email to say:

".....I agree that Strategic Sorcery is very a good path and it has been very useful to me but I can see why Benzimienny might think differently since it is very different. And maybe he thinks you just gave this field report because you and Jason are known to be friends and in the same order of gentlemen for jupiter, so you will always be generous with your words and not so much critical?"

     This pissed me off.  Here is the thing. Yes, I like Jason and consider him a friend, as much as its possible given that we've never met offline. That being the case, however, if I read something of his work with which I find fault, I'm going to call him on it, just as I know he would do, and in fact has done, when he reads something of mine that irks him. I don't shill for anyone, be it friend, foe or anything in between, and as my profile to the left attests, I have absolutely no problem calling bullshit wheresoever I smell it, regardless of from whom it was shat. 

     I dont make a living through my books or any other source of income related to my practice or writing, nor do I have any expectation that I ever will. I do not hold my tongue based on who my words might offend or what areas of the occult market I might alienate, or which big name author or publisher's wrath I might incur. Simply put, I write about Magick because I enjoy doing so, not for primary or secondary sources of income, not to build popularit, but because I have something of value to contribute. Because of this, since it matters little to me if I ever make another dollar through writing or not as long as what I release reaches those few for whom it is written, I am in a unique position wherein I can speak absofuckinglutely what is on my mind without regard for who it might anger. 

     When I go out of my way to post a review of a product, book or service, I do so because I find it to be of value and think that readers of this blog will too. I have been studying and experimenting with Strategic Sorcery for ayear now, and for 16 weeks as a student of that class, and I find it extremely relevant and useful in my own Grimoiric practice.  I dont promote for friends or anyone else. If someone I consider a friend publishes something I find flawed or nonsensical, I will tell them so, as I know they would tell ME. 

     This is an issue that nearly kept me off the blogosphere when I initially thought of opening this blog. I hate the current atmosphere in the occult community where it is almost obligatory to "like" everyone elses work, or to find no flaws therein. This is not only counter productive but also downright destructive. Occult books and blogs are being produced at a faster than ever before rate, it has become in fashion, and all the rage. Yet instead of a wealth of new and valuable material emerging from the darkness of obscurity, we are seeing 90% of whats coming out just plain trash for cash, dressed up in beautiful wrapping with powerful marketing and big fancy words like "necromagidarkitizing sorcery of the ancient dark wyzzyrds of hell" meant to tantilize readers into thinking they contain something of value when  in fact they are gold plated turds, and only 10% of new material being released of quality. Stephen Skinner and Golden Hoard are releasing some of the most valuable material we've seen in decades, perhaps even this century, and doing so in inexpensive editions, and for some reason beyond my scope of comprehension there are more raves and excitement in the occult community for the aforementioned $150 paperweights others are releasing than for the single most important release of my lifetime, The Magical Treatise of Solomon. 

     Lending to the success of these unscrupulous individuals is the fact that, as I've just mentioned, we seem to be in some sort of stagnation by which no one seems capable of uttering a word of criticism publicly, even while privately amongst friends we readily vilify them for their idiocy. 

     The moral of this story, dear reader, as long as it has run on, is that when I decide to write up an opinion on someone elses work, whether it be a book, a course, or anything else, you can be sure every word of it is a genuine representation of my opinion and in no way flavored by anything but. 



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  1. I can testify as well to it's benefit, and I'm only in Lesson One, yep meditation. It definitely helps developing clear two way communication with the spirits. I find that eminently practical, not having to constantly sift through my own mental sludge just to get anywhere. It isn't all in the mind, but the mind is the interface where we can know, learn and comprehend. If it's in bad shape, well then a grimoiric practice is really going to suffer...