Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When The Spirits Speak, Listen...

     I've received an email inquiring as to why a Grimoire Magus such as myself  "puts any stock in the wiccan concept of patron deities and offering to them instead of the Solomonic approach of simply commanding them about".  Over the past week I've twice had the deities with whom I've built relationships intervene in my life. Once subtly,  once in a very direct manner. I offer these two faithful relations of recent events in my own life as illustration of the value in building ongoing and intimate relationships with the spirits with whom we work.

     The first of these events relates to the job I'd applied for within my company, of which I spoke of a couple of posts back. Initially I was excited about the prospect of further advancement and a new challenge. During the interview, however, it was explained to me that a requirement of the position was that I'd be travelling between 4 of our North America sites up to 60% of the time. Those who've read this blog for more than a month or two know that being sent hither and thither by my company is not new to me, and that I even enjoy these mini vacations, as was the case in my trip that allowed me to visit The Parthenon. Despite this, the idea if travelling more than 2 weeks of the month was not appealing. Airports piss me off. The near rectal exam required of would be air travelers pisses me off. And I have dogs. When I return from being gone more than a day or two I get the silent treatment from them until I concede defeat and offer them a steak or pork shoulder as my penance.

      Following my interview, I was offered the job. Although I was not quite looking forward to it, the fact that the job came with a raise that amounts to an extra $180 a week in my pocket. That and my conclusion that declining a position I'd applied for wouldnt be the best way to assure my continued advancement led me to accept the fact that I had to take the position, and I decided I'd get in to see HR and accept the job that day.

     Marduk, however, didnt agree. He seemed to think I should wait until Friday to accept, but wouldnt expand on this or provide any justification, instead doing the spiritual equivalent of an eye-roll, to which I ascribe the meaning "Dude, I'm a god." I acquiesced, despite my belief that it was merely postponing the inevitable, and made an appointment to meet with the VP in charge of the Dept to which I had applied that Friday. On Thursday, however, I was called in to meet the VP to whom I presently report. It was a very brief conversation wherein he did most of the talking, to wit "Mike let me be honest. Bill told me he picked you for the BPO job. Congratulations, I think you'll do a great job. But I dont want you to take it. I went to Adam and sold him on the fact that we need you here at operations and got him to OK a raise. I can offer you the same salary you'd be getting over at bpo to stay here. Only thing you'd be giving up is the travel, but I'm hoping your comfort level here makes up for that. What do you say?" Fuck yes, I say.

     Second story, one that began this past Sunday and ended the following day, is one that requires a brief backstory, and regards the intervention of my first patron, Aset on my behalf in a much less subtle way. Sunday evening I received a call from my ex fiancee. She and I have a very long history stretching back to 2000. She is a good person, yet one who is unwittingly an extremely destructive influence on all those brave enough to become intimate with her. Her most recent lover is now deceased, having been killed by his predecessor who apparently convinced himself that shooting her current love interest was indeed the best way back into her good graces. In her defense, she really doesn't cause such troubles intentionally, she's just a magnet for male madness, much like Helen of Troy. I myself proved vulnerable to her particular charms back in 2000 when we hadnt yet begun our love story and were still just friends, and she arrived at my home in tears, having been struck by her boyfriend and given a black eye. Being a man of honor and having been raised in a traditional Sicilian home where such actions were viewed as the lowest of the low, and seeing her beautiful face tarnished, her in tears, I took great offense to this man's actions, and expressed my outrage at his behavior by beating him about the head with a blunt object, getting arrested shortly thereafter. During my detention following this incident, we quickly fell in love and became engaged. Long after our engagement ended and we each took up with others, we continued to get together on and off for romantic interludes and affairs which, without variance, left tornado like damage in their wake. Begging the forgiveness of my female readers for the crude analogy, and any horticulturists among you for any disrespect to the Dioneae Muscipula, the best way to describe her is a penis flytrap.

     So why, after receiving her call this past weekend, did I find myself en route to her home? Why even give it a months thought when our every interaction has concluded with disaster? Well, because the sex is legendary. She is the one with whom I first practiced many areas of Sex Magick, and with whom the result was by far the most intense. She has no interest whatsoever in Magick, but has a voracious sexual appetite, and has no problem at all with my efforts to practice magick during our interludes, seeing it instead as a challenge, the point of which is to distract me from my purpose.

     Leaving the bar where I found myself that evening I got on the highway headed toward her. Preparing to veer right toward the exit that would take me to her, my car engine stopped, steering locked and I simply rolled right past the exit. The fact that I drive a brand new car and have never had a bit of trouble with it did not enter my head as I was, perhaps, thinking with its southern counterpart, and I simply hit the button, started the car and kept on to the next exit where, instead of heading home since it is my own exit, I took a U-Turn and hopped back on the highway. Getting off her exit I proceeded toward the object of my desire, until, again, my engine stopped. Thinking I'd have to get this checked out when I leave her house in the morning, I again hit the ignition button and kept on. Coming to the next red light, the light immediately before her street, my car stalled yet again, this time resisting my pleas for it to restart and promises of a full interior detailing and waxing if it cooperated, remaining lifeless in the center of the road where the people behind me were none too pleased to be thwarted in their own paths.

     My car now being no more helpful than a paperweight in getting me to my destination, I resigned myself to the fact that I'd need to push it to the shoulder of the road call for a tow. 2 hours later, when the tow truck  arrived, I was informed that because I did not have the registration in my possession, I would need to go home and retrieve it in order to collect my car.

    Monday, upon  arriving at the dealership to which I'd towed my car, hoping my warranty would cover whatever work they'd be doing, I was informed that no such repairs were needed, as they'd simply hit the ignition button, started the car, given it a full inspection and found absolutely nothing wrong. Thankful but bewildered, I hit my little start button, heard my engine purr and drive off. Arriving home, I was surprised to see that the 7 day candle before Aset's throne on my altar, which burns in perpetuity, being extinguished only when its flame is used to ignite its successor, had gone out. Touche, Isis, Touche. 


  1. Great post! The last story was particularly entertaining. I admit I'm a bit surprised that Marduk would help at all since traditional accounts pretty much show the human to god relationship in Babylon was basically that of slave to master. This account, on the other hand, suggests genuine interest in what's best for you, which is nice. I've only ever had some contact with Ereshkigal, and she was definitely less loving (scary is a good word).

  2. Yes, it is always surprising how the Gods intercede with things in our lives. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the times that have stepped in on my behalf. Makes a girl feel loved you know ;)

  3. "Wiccan Idea"... gotta love it.

    Of course as you and I both know Solomonic Magic is one of the ONLY types of magic that does suggest bossing around more powerful entities right from the get-go.

    The idea of Patron Dieties grows out of patronage societies - which still accounts for most of the world. You have travelled in the Middle East, so you know that if you need a plumber, you dont just open up a book. You know a guy who has a cousin. That guy may in fact be a shitty plumber - which is a frustration of that system - but woe to you if you just jump to someone else.

    Patron dieties and spirit allies are really important for exactly the reason that you just mentioned - they can see what you can't and often interject in problems that you are not even aware of yet.

    Good Stuff!

  4. This Solomonic idea of picking a likely candidate out of a Grimoire and then ordering them to get the job done is one of the "foreign" feeling things about the Grimoire traditions that leave me at sort of loose ends with my little spark of interest. I'm always reading and then thinking along the lines of "but don't you have spirits already? how do you know who'll want to work with you?" At least with planetary spirits you could use your natal chart as a guide. So this post was extra neat for me!

  5. I can definitely relate to the second story, it reminded me of something that happened recently to me that was also car-related. Good post.