Friday, March 16, 2012

Venus Talismans Finally Near Completion & Other Updates

Quick update for those who've ordered Talismans of Venus. I will be finishing up this evening and consecrating the finished products shortly thereafter, in the 3rd and 4th hours of Venus. This evening promises to be a very advantageous night for this work, as the Jupiter / Venus Conjunction which has been visible this week and reached its peak last evening is still very strong, and this is a condition I find extremely useful for this purpose. This weekend I will be beginning work on 2 custom designed Tables of Practice on behalf of some of the readers here who have contacted me for these items. 

Thank you to all those who ordered these, and I am sure you wont be disappointed. There remains one available if anyone else would like to get in on this. 

On another note, Nephilim Press and I are presently at work designing the Fine Editions of my forthcoming book. If all goes as we expect it to and the binder is able to bring forth this work in the manner I've envisioned, it will be a thing of beauty to be sure. As with Nephilim's first release, E.A. Koetting's Book of Azazel, we will be releasing several hundred hardcovers as well as a few dozen of these fine editions, so stay tuned for more info. 

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