Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Look At Scarlet Imprint's "Crossroads"

     I awoke this morning to discover that my friends at Scarlet Imprint have just posted the first pictures of their new anthology, to which I am happy to be a contributor.

     The book itself is a beauty, as is typical of S.I.'s releases, and will surely grace any collector's shelf. The content, however, is what I am excited about. The prospect of so many of the brightest minds in modern magick coming together to fill the pages of this tome with their thoughts and experiences on such an interesting topic as the cultural fusion of magickal traditions worldwide is surely going to be something special. 

     Thanks to Peter, Alkistis and Jake for bringing this together


  1. Wish they were putting out a paperback edition. Sounds like a great book, but with the exchange rate, its a bit of a bank breaker...
    Maybe some random money will come along :D

  2. Get the eBook version. They'll be releasing Kindle and Mobi, you can read it on your PC or with a reader.