Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Must-Have Book - Occult Traditions, Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, Editor

     Rarely do I take the time to review a new book these days, simply because with the three new projects that have been left on my plate and the influx of new clients my company has taken on, i have very little time to do much else but work, and what time I do have outside of the office I prefer to spend practicing magick as opposed to writing about it. 

     However once in a while a book comes along with which I am so impressed that I feel compelled to recommend it, and this is one such occasion. 

     A couple weeks back someone mentioned this book to me, and I am glad they did. I hadn't seen any promotional material or hype about it in the blogosphere or the usual fora, so when they brought it up it was the first time I'd heard of it. The book of which I speak is "Occult Traditions", an anthology edited by one Damon Zacharias Lycourinos, and published by Numen Books. Before proceeding, let me make it clear that until the end of August, when this conversation took place, not only was this title unknown to me, but so were the editor and publisher, and I have never held any communication at all with either, so this recommendation can be taken as truly objective. 

     Aside from Damon's contributions, which offer great insight into areas of the PGM with which I am heavily involved, David Rankine also provides a valuable contribution in the form of a sort of history of the Grimoire tradition and the works thereof, tying the earliest examples of these books to the more recent derivatives and offshoots, explaining which bears resemblance to another, which borrows from an earlier MS, and which can truly be viewed as the Proto-Grimoires. 

     The volume offers many other excellent and illuminating papers contributed by a wide variety of scholars, practitioners and those in between, and should be a must-have for anyone with interest in the field. 


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  1. I've removed ALL comments stemming from this post, as I don't intend for this blog to be used as a metaphorical boxing ring. My review is of this particular book's content and that alone. I neither know, condemn or condone the politics or beliefs of anyone involved with it or its publisher, nor do I know any of the contributors or their actions.