Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Books

     Having finally made my way through a second set of shelves, here is another handful of books. Most free, a couple for sale.  I'll also update the list to include those remaining from my previous post. Contact me here


  • Bob Brier - Ancient Egyptian Magic
  • De Laurence - 6th & 7th Books of Moses, HC (Rare book, but the binding is quite loose and some pages have markings)
  • Momma Star - Old Style Conjure
  • Kieckhefer - Magic in The Middle Ages

For Sale:

  • Magickal Childe - Goetia, HC w/ Gold Embossing. VG condition, small white mark on front cover $50
  • IGOS & Moloch - Pragmatic Magics, Spiral Bound, Good Condition - $25
  • Heptangle - Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, VG w/ DJ $40
  • Waite - Book of Ceremonial Magick, HC, Bell Press 1970's Edition, VG w/ OK Dust Cover $20

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