Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Rant Worth Reading

Midian Books' oft inactive blog has come alive again, if only for a day, and provided food for thought well worth the moment of time it will take you to read Mr. Midian's "2013 Mini Rant" 

Midian expresses my own sentiment and frustration perfectly, pointedly at the ever growing number of "Trash for Cash" books being marketed as the next big thing, the darkest of the dark, the most forbidden of all, yadda yadda yadda. Long time readers of this blog will know well my own disdain for these books, their publishers and especially the semi-retarded authors pushing them on the unsuspecting or more naive among the occult community as if they contained anything more than does a used diaper. 

Fortunately, for those who actually READ Magick books and consider them anything beyond an interesting coffee table piece or excitingly rebellious shelf filler, there remain authors dedicated to producing works of a higher caliber and better quality of content than at any time in history, and a handful of publishers devoted to bringing them to life. They are, to be sure, in the minority, with more and more of these "We're darker than you!" and "12 Easy Steps to Adepthood and Godship" publishers popping up every other week. But they are out there, and thanks to them we have greater access to Magickal works of true QUALITY than ever before. So lets be thankful for the few that outweigh the many, and whose devotion and tireless efforts produce what will in future generations be considered the classics of our day. 

"They take a rotten, a rancid, foul smelling, horrible salad, all rotten, every ingredient, make you sick just smelling it. A thing you wouldn't feed an animal. They wrap it up all nice, package it all pretty-like, call it something fancy, tell you its something good, and they hope you don't look to closely inside, or if you do, you're too stupid to see its all putrid once you get past the fancy label. They do this and the people, they fucking gobble it up. Smoke and mirrors. But in the end, the fancy packaging, the fancy dressing they put on this rotten, putrefied salad, it doesn't change whats inside. It's still no good. It still smells. It still makes you sick."

Bruce Cutler, explaining the Governments "RICO" Case against John Gotti


Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Brief Review - The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius

     Having made my most solemn and heartfelt oath, by way of pinky swear no less, to begin posting here on The Lion's Den once again and bring some life back to this poor, neglected blog, the very first post I wanted to write is a long overdue review and sincere recommendation. 

     The book about which we will be speaking today is, in my eyes, one of the year's most important, and an invaluable contribution to the Grimoire Tradition. Bringing to the project the same impeccable scholarship, meticulous research and practicing Magician's touch for which he and Stephen Skinner have become well known following their Sourceworks Series, David Rankine has partnered once again with Paul Harry Barron to bring us a definitive, comprehensive and complete edition of The Grimoire of Pope Honorius. And for this we should all be grateful. 

     Including the full text of Wellcome 4666, a version of Honorius I had until now only seen in the original manuscript form, in its first ever English translation, Rankine and Barron have truly brought forth what is sure to be considered alongside the works of Joseph H. Peterson and Stephen Skinner as one of our generations most valuable offerings. 

     In a subsequent post, as the year comes to and end, I plan to offer a list of what I consider to be the 10 best releases of 2013.  The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius will sit deserving atop the list.

     Lest ye naysayers assume this post is anything but objective, or I be accused of pimping for a pal as has been said with regard to some of my former reviews, let it be known that David Rankine and I have never exchanged so much as a perfunctory hello. For that matter, with the exception of The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet and The Book of Gold, Avalonia hasn't released anything of which I've been a fan. 

     This review and recommendation is based solely on the merits of the book in question, and one hell of a good book it is.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wishing One And All A Happy Holiday

I have been absent from the blog scene for a while now, having been overtaken by events such preparing new projects for publication, working heavily with Nephilim Press on several titles, (some my own, some from up and coming authors and practitioners, some translated from manuscripts penned by a long dead hand), trying relentlessly to track down orders gone awry in the postal system, working with a Magickal Brotherhood to which I alluded in my last posts, hopping on plane after plane and flying hither and thither, snooping and pooping all about. 

Despite this new and ever more challenging schedule, in the new year I plan to bring life back to this blog, dusting off the cobwebs I've negligently allowed it to accumulate and discussing topics new and old, including some new tech I'm being taught at the hands of one of the seniors in the brotherhood. 

But I didn't want to let this day and the next pass without extending my warmest wishes for a happy holiday to one and all. All of the success I've enjoyed with Crossed Keys and The Book of Abrasax* I owe to you, the community that has accepted me, and which I am extremely grateful to be a part of, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank one and all. 

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, and even if you shun it as do many among us, one cannot deny that it is indeed a Magickal day - if only because of the collective love and goodwill perpetuated the world around and amongst innumerable people who happily resume their prickishness on the 26th.

So to one and all*, if there are still any who read this blog given the length of time since my last post, I wish you and yours all the best and sincerely hope you have a memorable holiday!

*One exclusion to "To one and all" - To the "Magician" selling demons online (Yes, really) who thought it was a good idea to "Curse" ME and brag about it whilst trying to peddle his wares, To you, I do not wish a happy holiday. While your "curse", was about effective as a mosquito's bite, I'm still going to make an example of you. Why? Because you had the balls to speak my name. Oh, and more importantly, because I fucking CAN. Do you see me coming?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Books Being Released To The Wild

Letting go of a few books to make shelf space for my new series w/ Nephilim. If anyone is looking for any of the following and not trying to pay insane prices, shoot me a message on Facebook, email or by the contact screen on my website

Reuss & Crowley - OTO Rituals And Sex Magick - $200

IGOS Grimoire of Honorius - $75
Crowley - Equinox Vol I No. III w/ AHA & Temple of Solomon $100 (1974 Edition)
Aaron Leitch - Angelical Laguage, BOTH Volumes, - $75

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is MC A Thelemite?

On a board I occasionally visit in search of intelligent conversation amongst other like-minded and learned individual, it was noticed by another user that I greeted yet another with the traditional Thelemic salutation of 93, and closed my short message with its farewell counterpart. The perceptive brother then sent me the following message:

Hey M, 
93! Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law!!
I have read your books and blog, and enjoyed them a lot , but I never knew you were a fellow Thelemite! I am proud to call you brother! Are you with the O.T.O.? Or The A.A.? I have always though and believed there were more O.T.O brothers who were well known but who kept their membership closely guarded and I am hoping you just confirmed that! ........

The message trailed on from there, asking my feelings on certain aspects of Crowleyana and the Corpus, and we engaged in some dialogue afterwards, but his initial inquiry set me to thinking, AM I a Thelemite?

Certainly I am a member of no Thelemic organization, nor do I put much stock in the grade structures, politics and all of that. Likewise, I have been an outspoken critic of Aleister Crowley with regards to certain areas of his teachings and his personal life, being a firm believer that he was, in fact, capable of far more than he ever accomplished during his lifetime, and that despite having been found worthy by Gods whom I hold very dear, he failed to realize his true potential or achieve even half of what he could have. Despite that, I have always conceded that the man was a genius, and contributed more to the Work than most anyone, and it cannot be logically argued that he did more to bring about the resurgence in Magick than anyone (The GD as a whole notwithstanding) in recent memory, and for that I respect him. 

But back to the question at hand - Is Frater MC a Thelemite? (Albeit a solitary one, now that I've disavowed any membership in such groups). 

The answer is quite complex, or quite simple. I do not practice Thelemic Magick, nor have I put any effort into learning it beyond a cursory examination in my younger years, by way of Gems from the Equinox and Rodney Orpheus' Abrahadabra. So if the question were, am I a Thelemic Magician, the answer would be an emphatic no. 

Am I a Thelemite, though? I have read, and re-read often, The Book of The Law, which I consider far above and beyond most anything else I have ever read. It has a place of honor in my home, and I hold it in far higher esteem than any other such "holy book". Does that in itself make me a Thelemite? 

Liber OZ. Crowley's Statement of the Rights of Man. This, for me, is his Crowning Jewel, excepting of course The Book of The Law. Many, Many years before I had ever heard of Aleister Crowley, Thelema, or Liber OZ, I was living, breathing and shedding (literally) blood, sweat and tears for these exact principles. The brotherhood to which I am privileged to belong and to which I have devoted every moment of my life since the tender young age of 13 was established by in large to uphold these rights amongst its membership. To protect our rights to live our lives as we Will to do so, to pursue liberty, prosperity, spirituality in whatsoever form we find truth in, and to defend ourselves by all means from any and all who would seek to deny us these rights, against great opposition and oppression, and, quite literally, against all odds. In short, long before I had any idea what Thelema was, way back when OZ was, to me, a movie about a chick named Dorothy, I was living, fighting, and walking the Thelemic path outlined in Liber OZ.

To me, the rights of man outlined in LXXVII have always be inalienable, even before I first laid eyes upon the document. To me, they seemed "common sense", and without even the need to be written, as if all of mankind should simply understand these are the rights to which they are entitled.

Fucking Right. 

An I repeat, FUCKING RIGHT. 

Can anyone seriously argue this?

And DAMNED be him or her who try to deny him that right

Agreed on all points. 

So does that make me a Thelemite? If so, am I any less of one because these principles were not instilled in me by Crowley but by another to whom Crowley was wholly unknown? If wholehearted belief in OZ does make me a Thelemite, does it make me less so because I openly criticize certain areas of Crowley's life and work, or that I have found (in my experience) Thelemic Magick to be far lesser than the systems to which I have devoted myself? 

You tell me.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Website And Shoppe FINALLY Updated

Just a quick note to report that, finally, after playing about with several different systems of online sales management, I have settled on one and updated both the main website and the web-store accordingly. More items, including the remaining planetary talismans, handwritten personal grimoires of my yester-years, rare books and more will be added this weekend. However, the bulk of it is done and fully functioning. 

This implementation also allows for MUCH faster shipping and delivery but fully automating the process from order intake to purchase and printing of the shipping labels, so the few of my previous customers who've experienced delays, those days are over.

Also of note is that the much anticipated WALKING WITH THE ANGEL has now gone into production and will soon spread its wings over the world. GET READY! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Love Saturn

While this is certainly not something you will hear very often, due to the negative connotations and associations given to  Saturn, tonight I am very thankful to the father of the father of the gods, Kronos, and the sphere of Saturn for accomplishing for me, within the space of an hour or two something that I can say is nothing less than a miracle and which I expected would be all but impossible. Therefore, to all of the discerning readers of this blog I heartily recommend making a good offering unto old Saturn, and considering not only the negative or unpleasant rates ascribed to him, but also the immeasurable assistance he can offer one who approaches him with respect humility.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Facebook Page

For the past couple of years I've maintained a single Facebook page wherein my mundane, professional, fraternal and magickal interests and acquaintances were thrown together in as odd a coupling as can be imagined, given the disparity between these areas of my life. 

To simplify things for myself, and also stop horrifying certain of my mundane 9-5 co-workers with some of my posts, I've gone ahead and created a separate FB page specifically for all those whose shared interest with me is the Magickal/ Occult. 

Over the next few days I'll be removing many of you from my mundane FB page and migrating you to the new one, which can be found here

So if you've been one of my Facebook friends and in the next week or so notice that you are no longer, don;t take it personal, and expect a request coming from the new page. Or just save us both the time and send me one. 

On the bright side, for those of you who have found my witty, sarcastic and at times befuddling facebook commentary utterly boring and whose interest is purely in the Magickal, the creation of this page will allow me to get much more in depth and talk on a much more diverse range of Magickal topics, so you'll thank me later, I'm sure. Plus I can talk about Evoking demons, exorcising malefic miscreants and the like without giving my co-workers and love interests the proverbial "titty attack". 

So yeah, add me under the new page. Or don't. Do what thou wilt and all that. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Overdue Book Review # 2

Tongue twisting title aside, it's time for the second of my long over due book reviews. Well, maybe not LONG overdue, but a few days anyway. This one will come as no surprise as I've already endorsed the book publicly on Facebook, as well as made it a recommended resource for pronunciation purposes in my brand new super cool and as seen on tv eBook*, The Wisdom of Abrasax. 

Jason recently released an Advanced Planetary Magick eBook and set of recordings, and being the eager beaver that I am, I've been participating in his Crying of the 49 Calls kickoff which is happening in a special Facebook Group he created for the purpose.

Because I have reviewed pretty much everything Jason has released, and always quite deserving reviewed them favorably and with high recommendations, I know my shouting from atop the hills of this eBook's greatness is going to come off as me shilling for a friend. But its not. Really. He and I have an understanding whereby when we read each other's material, be it printed, published, commented or blogged, all bullshit and brotherly camaraderie aside, if we think one another is dead wrong or just plain full of what Miss Feist recently termed Methyl Indole, we'll tell each other honestly, and respectfully, "Dude, what in thee fuck are you talking about". But, thus far in our acquaintance, that hasn't happened, and as all of my readers know, I'm a fan. 

Mutual respect and admiration for his particular breed of Sorcery aside, THIS eBook is probably the one of his releases that I identify with the most, and the one I will make most use of. It gets right to it, foregoing all the bullshit, and condenses what could easily have been a 300 page book into much less without losing a thing, it is a better and more practical employment, or rather deployment, of the planetary magick system I use than any other book I've read - including Denning & Phillips', and to the delight of the goal oriented modern reader whose sole purpose isn't to bask in the rays of the sun and meet the gods of the spheres but to actually ACCOMPLISH practical, tangible, and immediate goals. 

And this, dear reader, is the crux of my admiration for the whole of Jason's entire system. Its all about making shit happen. For lack of a more colloquial term, good, and positive shit. He'll teach you how to achieve union with the divine, how to invoke, evoke, and if necessary revoke all manner of daimons and spirits and is quite proficient at it, but this eBook, like the Strategic Sorcery Course, is straight up, no fluff, "lets get shit done and get your kingdom in order". 

Just kidding there folks, the day anything I produce qualifies for an "As seen on TV" sticker or a "Godhood in 12 easy steps!" billboard is the day I put down my (metaphorical) wand, and contemplate just how hard I'd need to run at  a wall with my head bowed in order to do the trick.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Updates, Books, Book Reviews And More.

I've been kept quite busy these past weeks, with finalizing the editing and layout of the forthcoming anthology "Walking With The Angel", the release of my latest eBook offering, (which has by the way garnered a huge response among those who have thus far tried out the methods therein, and for which a couple of field reports will be forthcoming), working with a veteran and well known author for Nephilim Press whose first release is sure to knock your socks off, and so on, so forth. (And speaking of Nephilim Press, if anyone is looking for a copy of the long sold out deluxe Funerary Templar Edition of S. Connolly's Keys of Ocat without spending an arm and a leg, shoot me an email)

I am, therefore, a bit backed up in my blogging, and especially in the reviews of books that I've been wanting to write. The first is for a book I've supported and promoted from its conception, to when its author first showed me the full draft for review, to the present, as I have just finished reading the physical manifestation. 

The book of which I speak is Gateways Through Stone and Circle - a tome authored by a practicing Magus of the Grimoiric sort, albeit a bit more traditional than I, who is, as far as I know, the very first to replicate his Grimoire's specifications perfectly, and who has blessed us with not only a full account of the ceremonies that followed, but also how he, step by painstaking step, crafted each and every tool called for in the manuscript - and more importantly how WE can do the same. 

As is well known among my readers, I am a magus of the Grimoire Tradition, and my practice comes wholly from the ancient texts and traditions of Magick, devoid of new age tripe, however I am not, when necessary opposed to making substitutions in the materials called for in the text from which I am working, as long as such substitutions are both logical and in keeping with the original intent and purpose. 

Bryan, in this book, goes a step further, and recreates the tools BY THE BOOK, and illustrates the processes involved in doing so clearly and lucidly, so that even one who has the craftsmanship and artistic skill of a tree frog such as myself can do it. And his results - well, his results speak for themselves.

I cannot overstate the importance of this book to those interested in the Grimoire Tradition, and ESPECIALLY to those whose interest is in USING IT, here and now, in the modern era. What Bryan has done is not only provide you his experiences with Trithemius' DSIC, but also walked you hand in hand, step by step, through reproducing them on your own. This is something I've never seen done, and frankly something I wish I'd thought of before Crossed Keys.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Divination Dice As Found In Abrasax eBook

As promised, the dice for use with the divination method detailed in The Abrasax eBook are now available, and thanks to the remarkable skill of my designer, they are stunning. 

Let me preface this by saying that use of the system espoused in the eBook is NOT dependent on acquisition of these dice in particular - When I first began working it out with the guidance of the spirit revelator, I used crudely modified role playing game dice order from ebay, and at another point ones made by a friend who has ninja-like origami skills. 

The dice in question are made of sandstone ceramic, and are quite awesome looking indeed. They are also weighted perfectly, so unlike half of the ones you'll find in vegas craps tables, none of the sides are favored or have a higher propensity for coming up. Here's a preview:

These sets are designed, manufactured, and ready to roll. (Bad pun, I know), and will run $25 including U.S. Shipping, or $35 including international. As I mentioned above, a reasonable substitute for these can be made by hand relatively easily. This set is being offered for those who, like myself, love uber-cool looking and high quality materia whenever possible. Besides that, the price is about what you'd pay for a decent RPG dice set on eBay, and quite frankly between the modeling, design and manufacturing costs, I am making precisely $1.46 on each set, lest ye think this to be a get rich quick scheme. 

    Select Shipping Location

Still dont have the eBook and don't know what all the hype is about?  Check it out HERE


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hyperlinks In Abrasax eBook, and Pronunciation Guides

In my eBook released just this past Monday, there are several hyperlinks that were included to provide reference to further resources pertinent to the work, specifically in the areas of pronunciation. If your copy of adobe acrobat or reader's security settings are set to high, it will display the text of these links, but clicking on them will take you nowhere. (Took me 90 minutes on the phone with Adobe asking why my brand new $400 copy of Acrobat XI wasnt creating proper files to figure that out) 
The eBook, by the way, has already netted me 17 emails complimenting it and the content therein, as well as the unique system of divination if offers. So if you haven't yet, 

SO, that being said, you can either change your security setting to a lower level, or, for those who aren't able due to network restrictions, I will post all the links here now, since they'll benefit even those who haven't bought the eBook but DO own The Book of Abrasax. 

These links are all related to pronunciation of the Voces Magicae found in these and other Greco-Egyptian Magick texts. As a rule, you simply pronounce the words phonetically, as if they were in English, because what you're seeing in Abrasax isn't the actual Greek, but rather an English transliteration. In my eBook, however, I have even included the proper Greek, in hopes that the reader will make the effort to use it instead of just skipping right to the phonetic English.

  • First, and no this is not just a shameless plus for a friend,are the MP3 recordings of Jason actually PRONOUNCING them, which can be found in his Advanced Planetary Magick set
  • Omniglot has quite an extensive resource on pronunciation of the varying dialects of Greek, as well as a PDF download guide that should suffice to get anyone going
  • Omniglot also has a similar resource for working with the Coptic forms of the divine names and words of power
  • Thelesis Lodge of the O.T.O. offers recordings, allowing you to not only read how to pronounce these words, but HEAR it as well - an INVALUABLE tool
  • Berkeley offers a veritable course in pronunciation of the attic Greek with which we work, including a "Practice Session" to maximize you learning. On top of that, they also offer free recordings of many of the words we commonly use in our practice being spoken by Greek Linguists.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Previously Mentioned eBook Available NOW

So, despite my fervent belief of just last evening that this eBook could not possibly be released on any day but a Thursday, that being of course the day of Jupiter, I had an afterthought and decided that since one of the key workings herein is Coptic Egyptian Invocation of my Queen and Patroness ISIS, I would release it today instead, since she is, after all, "Isis, Great in Magick, Mighty Mistress of the Moon"

So down to the nitty gritty. This eBook is a supplement to the Book of Abrasax, as mentioned in my post yesterday, and contains four full invocations that were not yet ready for release at the time we went to print. The fact that the book had a distinct shortage of Invocations/ Evocations did not go unnoticed, especially as I am perhaps the biggest proponent of these two practices, and there was a reason for their omission, and that is the first rule of leadership, "Thou shalt do nothing that I will not do first, and I will not ask you to walk the untread ground, but rather to follow the bath I will blaze FOR you". 

In addition to these four full workings, the gem of this work - an entirely new yet completely ancient system of divination, presented for the first time ever as a comprehensive, lucid, logical and most of all EFFECTIVE whole. Included are historical citations and commentary on systems of divination *akin* to this one, but not identical to it, as well as two examples of its use by my own group. 

While undoubtedly the invocations will appeal most to many, it is the oracle wherein I find the most value, and for those who practice and learn it, I am sure you will as well. 

The cost of this eBook is $13 and it will be delivered almost instantly. Well, except at night. Dude, even a Magus has to sleep at some point! Bottom line - most will receive their copy immediately, since I can send it via my smartphone, but if you order at night, you'll still get it within 8 hours. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coming Thursday... The Wisdom Of Abrasax, A Furtherance of The Magickal System

For those of my readers who have been enjoying and benefiting from the Magickal System established and espoused in The Book of Abrasax, Thursday of this week may prove to be a very pleasant day. 

On Thursday I will be releasing the eBook shown above, entitled The Further Wisdom of Abrasax. When the Book of Abrasax was released, there were several rites, invocations, evocations, and more, which were not yet ready for mass and public consumption for various reasons. (In some cases, translation was not complete, in others the rites were still a bit volatile and under development and therefore not yet ready for mainstream use, and still others I was forbidden to reproduce at the time). Within the pages of this eBook you will find many of them. Invocations and Evocations proper - Veritable summonings of the Gods, and more. Further revelations of the Magickal System of Abrasax that will add power, breadth, and an entirely new field of practice.

Crowning this work, whoever, will be something wholly and entirely unique - something never before seen or alluded to, and yet at once effective and powerful, and which will likely have a great many mages who practice from the PGM wondering "Now why the hell didn't I think of that?". And I promise you, it is quite awesome.

So, yeah. Thursday. Sometime between now and then I'll throw up a paypal button, to go active then, and as with my Mardukkite Magick eBook, delivery will be almost instant.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Website Updated, Sections Added, Forthcoming Reviews and Books

Let's just call this a catch-all post, bring you all up to speed on many different things all under the umbrella of one blog post, written on stolen time.

  • First and foremost, my primary website, (yes, I actually DO have one besides this blog, believe it or not), has been updated for this first time in months. In order to simplify the process of ordering Talismans, Rings, and other items, I've created paypal buttons with drop down menus for material selection, shipping speed, and any other options. And while I'm not done uploading all of my new offerings, let me tell you folks, I have some seriously powerful items available now, all of my own design. Check it out here Materia Magicka
  • Created and began stocking my rare and antiquarian book for sale section here, although the first title I've listed is probably the most controversial I own, and I'll certainly get hate mail for offering it due to all the legal, "stop revealing our secrets", and "your're just a dick" issues surrounding it. Expect more books to be listed this weekend. 
  • Created a Services section, including the readings from The Book of Doors Oracle and divination
Later on this evening, or else tomorrow morning, depending on my energy level after this evenings workings, I will be posting a review and field test on work I'm doing with Jason's new Planetary Magick offering. While I'll go into further detail after I get to actually WORK some of the system, I can say now that I fucking love his inclusion on the MP3's, which is something long overdue and will help everyone working this type of magick, my system of Abrasax or any PGM derived work with pronunciation. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Boardwalk Beach Tarot Reader Who Kicks Ass

As some of you know, I'd been on a mini vacation over the past several days, very much enjoying the accommodations of lovely Maine and the lesser known of her beaches, Old Orchard. The trip itself proved just the thing I needed to break up an unpleasant combination of hostility, writer's block, and sheer aggravation at the fact that, despite being uber-magus and having the ability to shoot forth from my eyeballs the lightning of Zeus, there remain things in life that I simply cannot change. (Quite the pisser, isn't it?) 

Following a memorable visit to and tour of the famous (in our field anyway), Weiser Antiquarian Books, courtesy of the knowledgeable, hospitable and just plain awesome proprietress Marilyn, during which I was given the privilege of gazing upon what is surely the world's sexiest and most amazing collection of Occult books, my date and I drove on to our destination for an extended weekend of fun in the sun, magick under the moon, and sex on the beach. (And no, I dont mean the cocktail)

After our first day and night which was dedicated to the aforementioned activities, we woke up and took a walk on the strip, seeing the sights, enjoying the sun, and marveling at the sheer audacity of the incredibly obese and hairy men who felt perfectly justified in wearing speedos*, we happened upon a typical beachside tarot reader of the sort I generally pay no mind at all to, preferring to do my own such work. Admittedly, I am no tarot master, but I feel justified in saying I have developed a greater skill, detail and accuracy with The Book of Doors than damned near any living person, and thats why it is the only method of readings I offer clients.

My date, however, the inquisitive and callipygous vixen that she is, demanded we give her a shot and see what she had to say. 

Being a regular gentleman who is ever willing to accommodate his lady, (and wanting very much to have sex under the pier that night), I agreed, with the caveat that since there was an off chance, albeit a small one, that the reader could recognize me from the few times my photo has appeared online on sites she might reasonably frequent, such as witchtalk, my lady go in alone first. After being reasonably assured that I was safely anonymous, I joined them for a reading myself, which quite frankly was among the most accurate, specific, and extremely personal I'd ever had. While I won't go into great detail, I will say that it was apparent to me that Tarot was not her only divinatory skill, as she was able to tell me, with amazing specificity, things that no living man or woman would know. In one instance, she was able to point out one incident from my misspent youth for which the legal "statute of limitations" has not yet passed, whereupon I quite nearly shat, and likely would have if she'd known just a few more specifics.

She clearly discerned that I was a practitioner of Magick, and an advanced one at that, and we went on to chat about she herself had never ventured beyond using her ability to read the cards and "see", or various other traditional "novelty" offerings, because her grandmother had done so and had "opened a box that she never could close, leaving her broken inside".

She was able to recount for my companion details of her youth that my lady had to call her mother to verify, only to find out that they were precisely as our reader had said.

So, if ever any of you find yourselves on Maine's lovely Old Orchard Beach, take advantage and see:

*Update #1 - I'm  a bit on the husky side myself, so to all the full figured fellas among my readership, don't take offense! Nothing wrong with a big guy! Well, except when he goes to the beach wearing speedos. For the love of all the gods, don't do it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And The Winner Is....

In the prior post's comments section, I have published the comments/ guesses submitted by our FOUR winners.

The number I'd selected was 33, and there was but one of you who hit it on the head - Kemal.

The other 3 winners guessed 32, 29 and 37. (Since 29 and 37 are equally close to my chosen number of 33, I'm going to give out 4 prizes instead of 3)

Those whose comment is shown in the prior post, shoot me an email and collect your winnings!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Thank You For All Of Your Help, And Show Of Appreciation

Thanks to the goodhearted readership of this blog, I was able to donate a significant amount to my local shelter, following my recent fundraiser and sale. I wanted to share with you a nice email I received from the director, and also show my own thanks in another way afterwards. 

First, an email I received on Tuesday 6/19

Hello Mr. C.....,

We were delighted to receive your very generous donation through PayPal over the past week, and wanted to thank you on behalf of the staff, the shelter, and most of all the animals you've helped. We would be happy to earmark these funds for use in helping our increasing pitbull population, and as you have requested especially those who are rescues or considered unadoptable. As you know, we are a no kill shelter, and for some of these loving dogs our facility will unfortunately be where they live out their lives, and we also thank you for enrolling in our foster care program for them. All too often people deem the older or disabled dogs as undesirable, but we think they have even more love to give! Thank you again for your donation and kindness.

On To The Fun! 
On to the aforementioned show of appreciation. For the outpouring of support you all sent me when I undertook this fundraiser, I'd like to show my appreciation. Unfortunately, I can't  thank everyone, so Im going to give everyone an equal shot at the prize.

You've all, no doubt, noticed the magnificently awesome Talismans I offer on GrimoireMagick.org, and which are displayed up yonder on the right, correct?

Well I have just chosen a number between 1 and 66, completely at random, and given it to Mr. Jason Miller and our very own Rufus Opus so there can be no appearance of impropriety.

You, gentle readers, may begin leaving guesses as to what that number might be in the comments section, and the first 3 to hit it on the nose, may choose any planetary talisman they wish - FREE. Talisman free, consecrated free, and shipped FREE.

By Sunday, 6/30, if no one has hit the exact number, the closest 3 guess win. The number you're guessing at is known to me, Jason and RO, and will be announced as soon as all 3 have been won, or on Sunday when the closest 3 guesses are determined.

And Another Deal!

What you are collectively looking at, and marveling, I am sure, is a brand new, flawless, and signed copy of Crossed Keys. You know, my long since sold out Scarlet Imprint "Esoteric Book of The Year" which is currently selling on ebay for upwards of $500? 

Oh yeah, and that thing hanging on the right side is a perfectly designed, by the book, and consecrated Magus Pentacle, specifically for use with this Grimoire. Pretty cool heh? 

So here's the deal - and once again, this is being sold for and profits go to the aforementioned animal shelter. Best offer takes it, period. As they'd say on eBay, there is "No reserve". Submit your offers via the contact me link, and 24 hours, the best offer gets it. If not many of you get a chance to see this post by then and the highest offer I receive is $50, guess what? Thats the price. (plus shipping if you're outside the US. the post office are friggin rapists these days)

So thats the gist of it. Leave your comments, one per person, and let the games begin.  

Update - 10 comments, no hits as yet! Although one of you i just 2 digits off!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Experiences, Evolving Worldviews, And Self Realization

Following an email received from one of this blogs' earliest followers asking why I have, once again, entered a period of comparative silence here whilst simultaneously being quite active on FB and in other venues, I feel compelled to drop in and touch bases with the many readers, acquaintances, critics and friends I've been fortunate to make since the inception of the Lion's Den. First, the lesser "excuses", then the crux of my argument which I am sure all true practitioners will understand fully.

While I have, admittedly, been somewhat absent from the blogosphere, that is about the only place where I haven't been so active. Despite my decision after Abrasax to refrain from taking on any new solo book projects for at least two years, I got roped into one that is far beyond anything I've done, involving multiple translators and a manuscript older than anything I've worked before. 

Besides that, once again changing a long held stance I'd made back before god said let there be light, I have become involved in an actual, factual, Magickal "Group". Not an "order", mind you, nor a "Temple", but a Brotherhood, which is, in fact if not in theory, a beast of an entirely different nature, and one on which I can actually say very, very little, beyond the "blurb" they send to invitees. 

These, however, were not the main factors separating me from my beloved blog. 

While I have very much wanted to dive right in on some of the blogosphere's ongoing discussions, debating and debunking, assailing and assenting as per my usual curmudgeonly self, I have been struggling a bit to reconcile some new magickal experiences and facts I've, perhaps discovered is the wrong word, so let's go with "happened upon". be not afraid, gentle reader, NONE of this new tech and wisdom contradicts the Magickal praxis and teachings I have for so long sought to expound here and in my books, but instead it both reinforces them, and to some degree explains them and the mechanisms by which they work. More so, it explains why the veritable magick attempted by others DOESNT always work, and why some using what I contemptuously term "new age" or "playing at" magics occasionally DO see some results, albeit to a far lesser degree, in spite of themselves. 

This new, or rather old, (read that "older than dirt") wisdom upon which I have stumbled has me quite excited, in that it reinforces all of my own practices as well as those of most of my contemporaries, and provides me with the "Why", when previously all I've had is the "How". and an educated guess as to the why. It also tells me that certain of my peers, RO chief among them*, have been much closer to the "why" than I, and that though our results are quite comparable, he had a better understanding of just why those results came about than I did. 

At some point, when I'm better able to articulate just what in the eff it is I'm talking about, I'll get into it in more depth, as much as I am able to without violating the whole "To this font of knowledge each man must find his own way" admonition and totally screwing the pooch for you all.

*Yeah yeah Rufus, I hear you a mile away, "Told ya so". Well, well bite me.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Walking With The Angel - The Journey Begins!

Two quick updates of note - First, the aforementioned discounts on materia magica I began offering for a limited time in hopes of generating a significant donation to the local animal rescue and shelter has been extended, so if you missed out during the initial 48 hours, you're in luck. All items and services will remain discounted until  have raised enough funds to donate $1000. (Due to the generosity of those few who have already ordered, I have already handed them $350, so all that remains is $650)

Second - The previously announced "Walking With The Angel" Anthology is now entering production. Having read each of the contributions studiously (and multiple times), I can promise the reader that this is going to be something incredibly special. Not only is this the very first time our good Frater Rufus Opus will appear in print, but he will be appearing alongside an illustrious cast of merry magickal marauders hand picked for their expertise and ability to present even the most complex of subjects in a user friendly way that will be of great benefit to seasoned practitioner and novice alike. Walking With The Angel will consist of:

  • A Solar Spark of Light And Fire - Darren Scriven
  • Nine Pieces of Heart Advice For Those Seeking The HGA - Jason Miller
  • The Descended Angel - Scott Michael Stenwick
  • Never Again Alone - Rufus Opus
  • After Abramelin: Working With Your Holy Guardian Angel - Aaron Leitch
  • Passing Through The Void: Journey To Unite With Your HGA - Frater Ashen F.N.F. 
  • The Voice of Light: The HGA In The Ogdoadic Tradition - Derik Richards
  • Knowledge and Conversation of The HGA: One Thelemites Perspective - Kevin Abblett
  • Holy Guardian Angel(s)? - Conjureman Ali
  • Holy Guardian Angels, Helpful Spirits and The Genius - MC
  • 2 Years Later - The HGA Revisited - MC
And more. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

48 Hour Discounted Offerings On All Talismans And Items To Benefit Rescue Animals

For anyone who might have been on the fence, or contemplating ordering any of the many high quality magickal items I recently introduced, you'll find the next 48 hours an opportune time to do so, as well as one that allows you to help a worthwhile cause. All items are being discounted at a rate of 30-50%, with profits from each sale being donated to a local animal shelter in Western Massachusetts, to help fund their spay/ neuter and rehome efforts for rescued dogs. 

This discount applies to all items and services I provide, with the exception of the handmade Table of Practice, as I am unable to do more than a couple of those in a month. 

Included are all of the items displayed at right, as well as those to be found on my website, here

  • Items priced at $75 or less will be discounted by 30%
  • Items priced between $76 and 150 will be discounted at 35%
  • Items, or a combination of items priced at $200 or above, will be discounted at 50%
See the GrimoireMagick.org website for prices and catalog, and email me using the contact link above and at left or here  to inquire or order.

Some of the items offered include:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gateways Through Stone And Circle

You've heard about it in my previous posts here. You've read my pre-release reviews of it. You've seen RO's recent post suggesting it. Now go get it. Seriously. If you are a magus of the Grimoire tradition, or of any tradition wherein evocation is key, get this book. I had the pleasure of reading its first draft as well as the final product, and I can unhesitatingly say this is the biggest Grimoiric release of the year. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Forget Not Mercury, Son of Jove

While I am quite certain the vast majority of this blogs' readers will, either having remembered on their own or been reminded elsewhere, be remembering today, May 15th, as Mercuralia, I thought I would take a moment to encourage any who may not have decided to do so to take advantage of this auspicious occasion to honor Mercury and Hermes. 

From Ovid

Illustrious grandson of Atlas, be with me, you whom one of the 
Pleiades once bore to Iuppiter in the mountains of Arcadia.
Umpire of war and peace for the gods above and below,
you who make your way on winged feet,
delighted by the lyre’s strum and the sweat of the wrestling ring,
you tutored tongues to talk with style,
for you the senators founded a temple facing the Circus,
so today – the Ides – is a holiday for you.
Everyone whose line is selling merchandise offers incense 
to you and asks you for profits in return.
Close by the Capena Gate is Mercurius’ spring.  It pays
to believe those who’ve tried it: it works.
Look – here comes a merchant with his clean sleeves rolled up to draw water
in a fumigated pitcher to take along with him.
With this he wets a laurel spray, with the laurel he sprinkles
all the stuff that’s going to have new owners.
He even sprinkles his hair with the dripping laurel, and presents
his prayer in a voice that’s used to fraud:
“Wash away the duplicities of times gone by,” he says,
“wash away the deceits of the day gone by.
Whether I invoked you or took in vain the name of Iuppiter
when I knew he wouldn’t be listening,
or intentionally defrauded any other god or goddess, let the wind
make swiftly off with the shameless things I’ve said.
Let me resort to duplicities on the day to come,
and let the gods disregard whatever I say.
Just give me profits, give me joy in profit taken,
and make it pay to have swindled the buyer.”

Monday, May 13, 2013

Items And Talismans Available On GrimoireMagick.org

     Many new talismans and other items of materia magica have been added to the GrimoireMagick.org website, for those looking for the highest quality, superbly crafted tools to enhance and expand their practice. All of the below are available immediately. For the two buyers who have, in the past, experienced shipping delays when ordering from me due to each piece being made to order, this has been resolved with the implementation of these new, professionally designed models. 

           Please note, for those on a budget, I am always willing to work with you on payment plans or deferred payment when necessary, as I am all too aware that at time those seeking the aid of Talismans are doing so specifically because their finances are in need of a boost! 

Contact me using the link above and at left to order

Here is the sentence which forbids you to be rebellious to our wills,
and which orders you to return to your dwelling places. May peace
be between You and Us, and be ready to return each ti me that I call
you, to do my will.
The Pentacle for use with The Black Dragon, when carrying out the operations of Evocation. Crafted with strict attention to detail as per the design in Crossed Key
In strong black plastic as shown above, $75.
In Steel or Brass – $100
In Silver, $150
Gold Plated, $150

Offered here is an exceptionally powerful item – The Ring of Solomon, as per the traditional Arabic design, for those whose path to Solomonic Magic is that of the Sages of Ruhaniya. Bearing the words Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, or “In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful”, which you will no doubt recognize immediately as the first words of many of the Arabic invocations and conjurations of Al Buni and countless others, this ring serves as the authority under which the sage commands Djinn. Consecrated and shipped in a silk pouch.
Available, Including Worldwide Shipping, $125

I am proud to introduce and offer the very first Talisman of Abrasax available in modern time, designed after the traditional Coptic/ Graeco-Egyptian antiquities as found in the PGM and my modern Grimoire, The Book of Abrasax.
Due to the heavy demand for the Abrasax Talismans I previously offered in handmade, wooden form, I have contracted with a talented designer to create these for me, so that I can offer them at reasonable rates. The Talismans are molded from heavy plastics, and can be created in Yellow, Blue, Black, White or Red, depending on the aspect of the God and area of influence you seek to tap. As always, the talismans will be given a four fold consecration including evocation of the God Abrasax.
Offered for $60

Another variation of The Ring of Solomon, this time drawn from the works of the Arabic Sages in the age of Al Buni - a band bearing the seven planetary seals


As promised - talismans designed after the circles for use in evocation from the Black Dragon, as per Crossed Keys. For those who would use the Black Dragon's initiatory system of magickal evocation in the modified form I presented in the work and in subsequent writings, I have created lamens after the seals for Lucifer, Frimost and the whole of the spirits contained in this Grimoire. 

In black, each of the seven costs $65 each. For those seeking a premium Silver, Brass or Gold version, these can be had by contacting me directly. 

 As above, but crafted in heavy, premium brass

Offered here is an exceptionally powerful item – The Ring of Solomon, as per the traditional Arabic design, for those whose path to Solomonic Magic is that of the Sages of Ruhaniya. Bearing the words Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, or “In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful”, which you will no doubt recognize immediately as the first words of many of the Arabic invocations and conjurations of Al Buni and countless others, this ring serves as the authority under which the sage commands Djinn. Consecrated and shipped in a silk pouch.
Available, Including Worldwide Shipping, $160

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Alive...





Luminary Edition

A  Period Fine Binding for discerning collectors.

Nephilim Press and MC are proud to announce the opening of preorders for the much anticipated "Luminary Edition" of Mike's latest work, The Book of Abrasax.  The Luminary edition, a masterpiece produced by one of the occult publishing community's most talented and sought after binders, using the finest of materials selected by the God Abrasax during a ceremonial evocation by MC's magickal fraternity. Each copy will be hand numbered, and signed by way of a tipped in bookplate bearing the image of the God. Buyers may, at their discretion, ask that the bookplate be inscribed specifically to themselves for a greater degree of personalization.

Accompanying each copy of the Luminary Edition will be a professionally designed and crafted Abrasax Talisman of the highest quality, which will not be available for sale elsewhere, but only as a companion to this book. Talismans will be consecrated by the author prior to shipment.

Fine Binding

The Luminary Edition will be quarter bound in goatskin and papyrus by James Banner of Trident books. James has produced a number of titles in this style and they are truly beautiful.
To Secure A Copy
The price of the Luminary Edition is $350 plus shipping. If you would like to secure a copy of the Luminary Edition please send an email with your mailing address to frank@nephilimpress.com. We will then send you payment instructions and a grand total for your order.
Copyright © 2013 Nephilim Press|, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Friday, May 3, 2013

By Popular Demand, A Fine Edition of The Book of Abrasax!

     Following the launch of my latest work, The Book of Abrasax in both standard and practitioners' leather editions, Nephilim Press and I have each received incredibly positive feedback from readers the world around. From right here in my own back yard to as distant a location as South Korea, folks have expressed a great deal of appreciation for the work, and enthusiasm to begin the journey that is practical PGM and Coptic Egyptian Magick. 

     However diverse the nature of the compliments and feedback we've received, there has been one constant source of puzzlement, and that is why did we not offer one of the beautifully hand bound and exclusive editions that have become standard in today's occult publishing game alongside our inexpensive alternatives. The answer to that, and to why I didnt go to greater lengths to adorn the editions we did release with marbled endpapers, ribbons and further such deco, is that  I wanted the work to be judged on its merits, and based on its content, not the wrapping. If the book was to succeed, I wanted it to be wholly because it is a valuable work, not because it came in a visually appealing package. For that reason, Nephilim and I kept it as basic as possible, while still being aesthetically pleasing. 

     Now, The Book of Abrasax having succeeded well beyond our hopes and achieved the degree of regard that it has, and having done so as I intended, solely on its merits and the value of the wisdom within, we are ready to introduce the fine edition. 

     The Magus Edition of The Book of Abrasax will be published in a strictly limited, single run printing and will manifest the work in a form worthy of the God Abrasax and a credit to him. 

Stay tuned here and to Nephilim's Subscriber List for edition details and pre-order.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thanks Be To Mercury, And To Raphael, The Celestial Physician

 Hermes, draw near, and to my pray'r incline,
Angel of Jove, and Maia's son divine;
Prefect of contest, ruler of mankind,
With heart almighty, and a prudent mind.
Celestial messenger of various skill,
Whose pow'rful arts could watchful Argus kill.
With winged feet 'tis thine thro' air to course,
O friend of man, and prophet of discourse;
Great life-supporter, to rejoice is thine
In arts gymnastic, and in fraud divine.
With pow'r endu'd all language to explain,
Of care the loos'ner, and the source of gain.
Whose hand contains of blameless peace the rod,
Corucian, blessed, profitable God.
Of various speech, whose aid in works we find,
And in necessities to mortals kind.
Dire weapon of the tongue, which men revere,
Be present, Hermes, and thy suppliant hear;
Assist my works, conclude my life with peace,
Give graceful speech, and memory's increase.

Extending a special thank you to Mercury, and to Raphael, for aid rendered in time of need.