Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best New Book For The Grimoire Magus

     In a previous post I spoke on a forthcoming book, Gateways Through Stone and Circle, which I had the opportunity to read in its earliest incarnation, as the author is a fellow Gentleman For Jupiter. Following up on that, I wanted to share with you a video Frater Ashen has created which offers a glimpse inside the book, the mind of the magus behind it, and what you can expect to learn when it is released. 

     I intend to post a full review of this work when time permits, but for now suffice it to say that I expect this to be my favorite release of the year, and by far the most valuable. I have worked extensively with the system of magick from which Ashen draws this work, that of Trithemius' Drawing Spirits Into Crystals, and enjoyed a good measure of success, despite having made use of improvised tools and materia, and herein Ashen offers a glimpse into what is possible when one has both the determination and Will to craft the tools of the trade as originally intended. The resultant work is not unlike my own Crossed Keys, in that it brings to life an antiquated system of Magick and makes it wolly accessible and usable to the modern practitioner.

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