Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why Evocation Indeed

Although I am quite confident that the majority of this blog's readership will also count themselves among those of Aaron Leitch's Ananael, I wanted to take a moment to suggest that anyone who may not have ready his recent post entitled Why Evocation take the time to do so. I also highly recommend the comments section for further debate and discussion on this important and imminently relevant topic.

My own views with regard to Evocation are well known, and have been the subject of many a post on this blog, and treated in depth in my books. I have always viewed it, in its truest form, or what I call Veritable Evocation, as the highest act of Magick. I also share Aaron's belief that Magick itself relies on the faculty of spirits, and our interaction with them. The comparatively modern belief that Magick does not require the aid of spirits and can be accomplished in lieu of it, while seemingly popular among the crowd who would rather believe they can accomplish everything the evocator can with far less effort and involvement, is one I find fault with. Whether you are using the root work techniques espoused by the Conjure Man, the Sorcerous practices of Inominandum, the Talismanic Magick of The Treasure of the Old Man of The Pyramids, or Evocation proper, you are operating under the aegis of the spirits, and your results come at their hands. Evocation is just the most direct and "up close and personal" way of doing so. 

Beyond that, as I have stated on numerous occasions, the empowerment and rush that accompany a successful Evocation, the sheer power of the act and magnitude of what you've accomplished, is something you cannot match with a lesser form of Magick. If a quick result is your goal, then maybe it does behoove you to opt for a quick fix rootwork answer such as putting together a mojo bag. It will certainly be more expedient than planning, preparing for and executing a ceremonial evocation. But don't delude yourself into thinking what you're doing doesnt involve the same spirits I'm evoking, because without their intervention all you have is a bag of herbs and twigs. 
And besides, whether or not they want to admit it, every evocator knows that bringing a divine (or "demonic") spirit down to earth and into ones presence and experiencing the raw power thereof is half the fun :-)

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  1. Too many people get confused between their personal power and the power that comes from (albeit fueling and elevating the latter) working alongside spiritual beings, Gods et al. This encourages the view, in some, that they can achieve everything without the co-operation of the spirits. This can be a problem with some people who have developed souls from past incarnations etc. Their view is all well and good until it comes to ( for example ) manifesting - in evocation or portal- something flesh and living, by way of a portent or warning etc i.e. a bird, animal etc in a closed room. Seeing that kind of work usually jogs even the largest ego back into the realm of understanding the power of Gods, Demons etc - simply because its out of the reach of most people ( who would - if they are honest - struggle to manifest 3 or 4 honey bees on a Goddess' altar during prayer -- let alone a bird or the like -- without the aid of the Gods)

    There can, on occasion, be a similar problem with very advanced occultists who - having been assisted by Gods/spirits in the attainment of power - begin to believe that it is all their own doing and then even begin to question the existence of the very beings who assisted them.

    Such are some of the trappings of the various paths.

    Evocation and a good relationship with the spirits in general is a very important part of the work.

    In Nomine Hecate,

    Mark Alan Smith