Saturday, May 25, 2013

48 Hour Discounted Offerings On All Talismans And Items To Benefit Rescue Animals

For anyone who might have been on the fence, or contemplating ordering any of the many high quality magickal items I recently introduced, you'll find the next 48 hours an opportune time to do so, as well as one that allows you to help a worthwhile cause. All items are being discounted at a rate of 30-50%, with profits from each sale being donated to a local animal shelter in Western Massachusetts, to help fund their spay/ neuter and rehome efforts for rescued dogs. 

This discount applies to all items and services I provide, with the exception of the handmade Table of Practice, as I am unable to do more than a couple of those in a month. 

Included are all of the items displayed at right, as well as those to be found on my website, here

  • Items priced at $75 or less will be discounted by 30%
  • Items priced between $76 and 150 will be discounted at 35%
  • Items, or a combination of items priced at $200 or above, will be discounted at 50%
See the website for prices and catalog, and email me using the contact link above and at left or here  to inquire or order.

Some of the items offered include:

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