Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Experiences, Evolving Worldviews, And Self Realization

Following an email received from one of this blogs' earliest followers asking why I have, once again, entered a period of comparative silence here whilst simultaneously being quite active on FB and in other venues, I feel compelled to drop in and touch bases with the many readers, acquaintances, critics and friends I've been fortunate to make since the inception of the Lion's Den. First, the lesser "excuses", then the crux of my argument which I am sure all true practitioners will understand fully.

While I have, admittedly, been somewhat absent from the blogosphere, that is about the only place where I haven't been so active. Despite my decision after Abrasax to refrain from taking on any new solo book projects for at least two years, I got roped into one that is far beyond anything I've done, involving multiple translators and a manuscript older than anything I've worked before. 

Besides that, once again changing a long held stance I'd made back before god said let there be light, I have become involved in an actual, factual, Magickal "Group". Not an "order", mind you, nor a "Temple", but a Brotherhood, which is, in fact if not in theory, a beast of an entirely different nature, and one on which I can actually say very, very little, beyond the "blurb" they send to invitees. 

These, however, were not the main factors separating me from my beloved blog. 

While I have very much wanted to dive right in on some of the blogosphere's ongoing discussions, debating and debunking, assailing and assenting as per my usual curmudgeonly self, I have been struggling a bit to reconcile some new magickal experiences and facts I've, perhaps discovered is the wrong word, so let's go with "happened upon". be not afraid, gentle reader, NONE of this new tech and wisdom contradicts the Magickal praxis and teachings I have for so long sought to expound here and in my books, but instead it both reinforces them, and to some degree explains them and the mechanisms by which they work. More so, it explains why the veritable magick attempted by others DOESNT always work, and why some using what I contemptuously term "new age" or "playing at" magics occasionally DO see some results, albeit to a far lesser degree, in spite of themselves. 

This new, or rather old, (read that "older than dirt") wisdom upon which I have stumbled has me quite excited, in that it reinforces all of my own practices as well as those of most of my contemporaries, and provides me with the "Why", when previously all I've had is the "How". and an educated guess as to the why. It also tells me that certain of my peers, RO chief among them*, have been much closer to the "why" than I, and that though our results are quite comparable, he had a better understanding of just why those results came about than I did. 

At some point, when I'm better able to articulate just what in the eff it is I'm talking about, I'll get into it in more depth, as much as I am able to without violating the whole "To this font of knowledge each man must find his own way" admonition and totally screwing the pooch for you all.

*Yeah yeah Rufus, I hear you a mile away, "Told ya so". Well, well bite me.


  1. So how has this insight matured? Ready to share some of it?