Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hyperlinks In Abrasax eBook, and Pronunciation Guides

In my eBook released just this past Monday, there are several hyperlinks that were included to provide reference to further resources pertinent to the work, specifically in the areas of pronunciation. If your copy of adobe acrobat or reader's security settings are set to high, it will display the text of these links, but clicking on them will take you nowhere. (Took me 90 minutes on the phone with Adobe asking why my brand new $400 copy of Acrobat XI wasnt creating proper files to figure that out) 
The eBook, by the way, has already netted me 17 emails complimenting it and the content therein, as well as the unique system of divination if offers. So if you haven't yet, 

SO, that being said, you can either change your security setting to a lower level, or, for those who aren't able due to network restrictions, I will post all the links here now, since they'll benefit even those who haven't bought the eBook but DO own The Book of Abrasax. 

These links are all related to pronunciation of the Voces Magicae found in these and other Greco-Egyptian Magick texts. As a rule, you simply pronounce the words phonetically, as if they were in English, because what you're seeing in Abrasax isn't the actual Greek, but rather an English transliteration. In my eBook, however, I have even included the proper Greek, in hopes that the reader will make the effort to use it instead of just skipping right to the phonetic English.

  • First, and no this is not just a shameless plus for a friend,are the MP3 recordings of Jason actually PRONOUNCING them, which can be found in his Advanced Planetary Magick set
  • Omniglot has quite an extensive resource on pronunciation of the varying dialects of Greek, as well as a PDF download guide that should suffice to get anyone going
  • Omniglot also has a similar resource for working with the Coptic forms of the divine names and words of power
  • Thelesis Lodge of the O.T.O. offers recordings, allowing you to not only read how to pronounce these words, but HEAR it as well - an INVALUABLE tool
  • Berkeley offers a veritable course in pronunciation of the attic Greek with which we work, including a "Practice Session" to maximize you learning. On top of that, they also offer free recordings of many of the words we commonly use in our practice being spoken by Greek Linguists.

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