Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Overdue Book Review # 2

Tongue twisting title aside, it's time for the second of my long over due book reviews. Well, maybe not LONG overdue, but a few days anyway. This one will come as no surprise as I've already endorsed the book publicly on Facebook, as well as made it a recommended resource for pronunciation purposes in my brand new super cool and as seen on tv eBook*, The Wisdom of Abrasax. 

Jason recently released an Advanced Planetary Magick eBook and set of recordings, and being the eager beaver that I am, I've been participating in his Crying of the 49 Calls kickoff which is happening in a special Facebook Group he created for the purpose.

Because I have reviewed pretty much everything Jason has released, and always quite deserving reviewed them favorably and with high recommendations, I know my shouting from atop the hills of this eBook's greatness is going to come off as me shilling for a friend. But its not. Really. He and I have an understanding whereby when we read each other's material, be it printed, published, commented or blogged, all bullshit and brotherly camaraderie aside, if we think one another is dead wrong or just plain full of what Miss Feist recently termed Methyl Indole, we'll tell each other honestly, and respectfully, "Dude, what in thee fuck are you talking about". But, thus far in our acquaintance, that hasn't happened, and as all of my readers know, I'm a fan. 

Mutual respect and admiration for his particular breed of Sorcery aside, THIS eBook is probably the one of his releases that I identify with the most, and the one I will make most use of. It gets right to it, foregoing all the bullshit, and condenses what could easily have been a 300 page book into much less without losing a thing, it is a better and more practical employment, or rather deployment, of the planetary magick system I use than any other book I've read - including Denning & Phillips', and to the delight of the goal oriented modern reader whose sole purpose isn't to bask in the rays of the sun and meet the gods of the spheres but to actually ACCOMPLISH practical, tangible, and immediate goals. 

And this, dear reader, is the crux of my admiration for the whole of Jason's entire system. Its all about making shit happen. For lack of a more colloquial term, good, and positive shit. He'll teach you how to achieve union with the divine, how to invoke, evoke, and if necessary revoke all manner of daimons and spirits and is quite proficient at it, but this eBook, like the Strategic Sorcery Course, is straight up, no fluff, "lets get shit done and get your kingdom in order". 

Just kidding there folks, the day anything I produce qualifies for an "As seen on TV" sticker or a "Godhood in 12 easy steps!" billboard is the day I put down my (metaphorical) wand, and contemplate just how hard I'd need to run at  a wall with my head bowed in order to do the trick.

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