Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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I've been kept quite busy these past weeks, with finalizing the editing and layout of the forthcoming anthology "Walking With The Angel", the release of my latest eBook offering, (which has by the way garnered a huge response among those who have thus far tried out the methods therein, and for which a couple of field reports will be forthcoming), working with a veteran and well known author for Nephilim Press whose first release is sure to knock your socks off, and so on, so forth. (And speaking of Nephilim Press, if anyone is looking for a copy of the long sold out deluxe Funerary Templar Edition of S. Connolly's Keys of Ocat without spending an arm and a leg, shoot me an email)

I am, therefore, a bit backed up in my blogging, and especially in the reviews of books that I've been wanting to write. The first is for a book I've supported and promoted from its conception, to when its author first showed me the full draft for review, to the present, as I have just finished reading the physical manifestation. 

The book of which I speak is Gateways Through Stone and Circle - a tome authored by a practicing Magus of the Grimoiric sort, albeit a bit more traditional than I, who is, as far as I know, the very first to replicate his Grimoire's specifications perfectly, and who has blessed us with not only a full account of the ceremonies that followed, but also how he, step by painstaking step, crafted each and every tool called for in the manuscript - and more importantly how WE can do the same. 

As is well known among my readers, I am a magus of the Grimoire Tradition, and my practice comes wholly from the ancient texts and traditions of Magick, devoid of new age tripe, however I am not, when necessary opposed to making substitutions in the materials called for in the text from which I am working, as long as such substitutions are both logical and in keeping with the original intent and purpose. 

Bryan, in this book, goes a step further, and recreates the tools BY THE BOOK, and illustrates the processes involved in doing so clearly and lucidly, so that even one who has the craftsmanship and artistic skill of a tree frog such as myself can do it. And his results - well, his results speak for themselves.

I cannot overstate the importance of this book to those interested in the Grimoire Tradition, and ESPECIALLY to those whose interest is in USING IT, here and now, in the modern era. What Bryan has done is not only provide you his experiences with Trithemius' DSIC, but also walked you hand in hand, step by step, through reproducing them on your own. This is something I've never seen done, and frankly something I wish I'd thought of before Crossed Keys.

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  1. Very interesting - and VERY rare to see someone recreating the work step by literal step. Kudos to Bryan for his attention to detail and devotion to the texts and work. I am sure his book will be very successful.

    In Nomine Hecate,

    Mark Alan Smith.