Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coming Thursday... The Wisdom Of Abrasax, A Furtherance of The Magickal System

For those of my readers who have been enjoying and benefiting from the Magickal System established and espoused in The Book of Abrasax, Thursday of this week may prove to be a very pleasant day. 

On Thursday I will be releasing the eBook shown above, entitled The Further Wisdom of Abrasax. When the Book of Abrasax was released, there were several rites, invocations, evocations, and more, which were not yet ready for mass and public consumption for various reasons. (In some cases, translation was not complete, in others the rites were still a bit volatile and under development and therefore not yet ready for mainstream use, and still others I was forbidden to reproduce at the time). Within the pages of this eBook you will find many of them. Invocations and Evocations proper - Veritable summonings of the Gods, and more. Further revelations of the Magickal System of Abrasax that will add power, breadth, and an entirely new field of practice.

Crowning this work, whoever, will be something wholly and entirely unique - something never before seen or alluded to, and yet at once effective and powerful, and which will likely have a great many mages who practice from the PGM wondering "Now why the hell didn't I think of that?". And I promise you, it is quite awesome.

So, yeah. Thursday. Sometime between now and then I'll throw up a paypal button, to go active then, and as with my Mardukkite Magick eBook, delivery will be almost instant.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Website Updated, Sections Added, Forthcoming Reviews and Books

Let's just call this a catch-all post, bring you all up to speed on many different things all under the umbrella of one blog post, written on stolen time.

  • First and foremost, my primary website, (yes, I actually DO have one besides this blog, believe it or not), has been updated for this first time in months. In order to simplify the process of ordering Talismans, Rings, and other items, I've created paypal buttons with drop down menus for material selection, shipping speed, and any other options. And while I'm not done uploading all of my new offerings, let me tell you folks, I have some seriously powerful items available now, all of my own design. Check it out here Materia Magicka
  • Created and began stocking my rare and antiquarian book for sale section here, although the first title I've listed is probably the most controversial I own, and I'll certainly get hate mail for offering it due to all the legal, "stop revealing our secrets", and "your're just a dick" issues surrounding it. Expect more books to be listed this weekend. 
  • Created a Services section, including the readings from The Book of Doors Oracle and divination
Later on this evening, or else tomorrow morning, depending on my energy level after this evenings workings, I will be posting a review and field test on work I'm doing with Jason's new Planetary Magick offering. While I'll go into further detail after I get to actually WORK some of the system, I can say now that I fucking love his inclusion on the MP3's, which is something long overdue and will help everyone working this type of magick, my system of Abrasax or any PGM derived work with pronunciation. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Boardwalk Beach Tarot Reader Who Kicks Ass

As some of you know, I'd been on a mini vacation over the past several days, very much enjoying the accommodations of lovely Maine and the lesser known of her beaches, Old Orchard. The trip itself proved just the thing I needed to break up an unpleasant combination of hostility, writer's block, and sheer aggravation at the fact that, despite being uber-magus and having the ability to shoot forth from my eyeballs the lightning of Zeus, there remain things in life that I simply cannot change. (Quite the pisser, isn't it?) 

Following a memorable visit to and tour of the famous (in our field anyway), Weiser Antiquarian Books, courtesy of the knowledgeable, hospitable and just plain awesome proprietress Marilyn, during which I was given the privilege of gazing upon what is surely the world's sexiest and most amazing collection of Occult books, my date and I drove on to our destination for an extended weekend of fun in the sun, magick under the moon, and sex on the beach. (And no, I dont mean the cocktail)

After our first day and night which was dedicated to the aforementioned activities, we woke up and took a walk on the strip, seeing the sights, enjoying the sun, and marveling at the sheer audacity of the incredibly obese and hairy men who felt perfectly justified in wearing speedos*, we happened upon a typical beachside tarot reader of the sort I generally pay no mind at all to, preferring to do my own such work. Admittedly, I am no tarot master, but I feel justified in saying I have developed a greater skill, detail and accuracy with The Book of Doors than damned near any living person, and thats why it is the only method of readings I offer clients.

My date, however, the inquisitive and callipygous vixen that she is, demanded we give her a shot and see what she had to say. 

Being a regular gentleman who is ever willing to accommodate his lady, (and wanting very much to have sex under the pier that night), I agreed, with the caveat that since there was an off chance, albeit a small one, that the reader could recognize me from the few times my photo has appeared online on sites she might reasonably frequent, such as witchtalk, my lady go in alone first. After being reasonably assured that I was safely anonymous, I joined them for a reading myself, which quite frankly was among the most accurate, specific, and extremely personal I'd ever had. While I won't go into great detail, I will say that it was apparent to me that Tarot was not her only divinatory skill, as she was able to tell me, with amazing specificity, things that no living man or woman would know. In one instance, she was able to point out one incident from my misspent youth for which the legal "statute of limitations" has not yet passed, whereupon I quite nearly shat, and likely would have if she'd known just a few more specifics.

She clearly discerned that I was a practitioner of Magick, and an advanced one at that, and we went on to chat about she herself had never ventured beyond using her ability to read the cards and "see", or various other traditional "novelty" offerings, because her grandmother had done so and had "opened a box that she never could close, leaving her broken inside".

She was able to recount for my companion details of her youth that my lady had to call her mother to verify, only to find out that they were precisely as our reader had said.

So, if ever any of you find yourselves on Maine's lovely Old Orchard Beach, take advantage and see:

*Update #1 - I'm  a bit on the husky side myself, so to all the full figured fellas among my readership, don't take offense! Nothing wrong with a big guy! Well, except when he goes to the beach wearing speedos. For the love of all the gods, don't do it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And The Winner Is....

In the prior post's comments section, I have published the comments/ guesses submitted by our FOUR winners.

The number I'd selected was 33, and there was but one of you who hit it on the head - Kemal.

The other 3 winners guessed 32, 29 and 37. (Since 29 and 37 are equally close to my chosen number of 33, I'm going to give out 4 prizes instead of 3)

Those whose comment is shown in the prior post, shoot me an email and collect your winnings!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Thank You For All Of Your Help, And Show Of Appreciation

Thanks to the goodhearted readership of this blog, I was able to donate a significant amount to my local shelter, following my recent fundraiser and sale. I wanted to share with you a nice email I received from the director, and also show my own thanks in another way afterwards. 

First, an email I received on Tuesday 6/19

Hello Mr. C.....,

We were delighted to receive your very generous donation through PayPal over the past week, and wanted to thank you on behalf of the staff, the shelter, and most of all the animals you've helped. We would be happy to earmark these funds for use in helping our increasing pitbull population, and as you have requested especially those who are rescues or considered unadoptable. As you know, we are a no kill shelter, and for some of these loving dogs our facility will unfortunately be where they live out their lives, and we also thank you for enrolling in our foster care program for them. All too often people deem the older or disabled dogs as undesirable, but we think they have even more love to give! Thank you again for your donation and kindness.

On To The Fun! 
On to the aforementioned show of appreciation. For the outpouring of support you all sent me when I undertook this fundraiser, I'd like to show my appreciation. Unfortunately, I can't  thank everyone, so Im going to give everyone an equal shot at the prize.

You've all, no doubt, noticed the magnificently awesome Talismans I offer on, and which are displayed up yonder on the right, correct?

Well I have just chosen a number between 1 and 66, completely at random, and given it to Mr. Jason Miller and our very own Rufus Opus so there can be no appearance of impropriety.

You, gentle readers, may begin leaving guesses as to what that number might be in the comments section, and the first 3 to hit it on the nose, may choose any planetary talisman they wish - FREE. Talisman free, consecrated free, and shipped FREE.

By Sunday, 6/30, if no one has hit the exact number, the closest 3 guess win. The number you're guessing at is known to me, Jason and RO, and will be announced as soon as all 3 have been won, or on Sunday when the closest 3 guesses are determined.

And Another Deal!

What you are collectively looking at, and marveling, I am sure, is a brand new, flawless, and signed copy of Crossed Keys. You know, my long since sold out Scarlet Imprint "Esoteric Book of The Year" which is currently selling on ebay for upwards of $500? 

Oh yeah, and that thing hanging on the right side is a perfectly designed, by the book, and consecrated Magus Pentacle, specifically for use with this Grimoire. Pretty cool heh? 

So here's the deal - and once again, this is being sold for and profits go to the aforementioned animal shelter. Best offer takes it, period. As they'd say on eBay, there is "No reserve". Submit your offers via the contact me link, and 24 hours, the best offer gets it. If not many of you get a chance to see this post by then and the highest offer I receive is $50, guess what? Thats the price. (plus shipping if you're outside the US. the post office are friggin rapists these days)

So thats the gist of it. Leave your comments, one per person, and let the games begin.  

Update - 10 comments, no hits as yet! Although one of you i just 2 digits off!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Experiences, Evolving Worldviews, And Self Realization

Following an email received from one of this blogs' earliest followers asking why I have, once again, entered a period of comparative silence here whilst simultaneously being quite active on FB and in other venues, I feel compelled to drop in and touch bases with the many readers, acquaintances, critics and friends I've been fortunate to make since the inception of the Lion's Den. First, the lesser "excuses", then the crux of my argument which I am sure all true practitioners will understand fully.

While I have, admittedly, been somewhat absent from the blogosphere, that is about the only place where I haven't been so active. Despite my decision after Abrasax to refrain from taking on any new solo book projects for at least two years, I got roped into one that is far beyond anything I've done, involving multiple translators and a manuscript older than anything I've worked before. 

Besides that, once again changing a long held stance I'd made back before god said let there be light, I have become involved in an actual, factual, Magickal "Group". Not an "order", mind you, nor a "Temple", but a Brotherhood, which is, in fact if not in theory, a beast of an entirely different nature, and one on which I can actually say very, very little, beyond the "blurb" they send to invitees. 

These, however, were not the main factors separating me from my beloved blog. 

While I have very much wanted to dive right in on some of the blogosphere's ongoing discussions, debating and debunking, assailing and assenting as per my usual curmudgeonly self, I have been struggling a bit to reconcile some new magickal experiences and facts I've, perhaps discovered is the wrong word, so let's go with "happened upon". be not afraid, gentle reader, NONE of this new tech and wisdom contradicts the Magickal praxis and teachings I have for so long sought to expound here and in my books, but instead it both reinforces them, and to some degree explains them and the mechanisms by which they work. More so, it explains why the veritable magick attempted by others DOESNT always work, and why some using what I contemptuously term "new age" or "playing at" magics occasionally DO see some results, albeit to a far lesser degree, in spite of themselves. 

This new, or rather old, (read that "older than dirt") wisdom upon which I have stumbled has me quite excited, in that it reinforces all of my own practices as well as those of most of my contemporaries, and provides me with the "Why", when previously all I've had is the "How". and an educated guess as to the why. It also tells me that certain of my peers, RO chief among them*, have been much closer to the "why" than I, and that though our results are quite comparable, he had a better understanding of just why those results came about than I did. 

At some point, when I'm better able to articulate just what in the eff it is I'm talking about, I'll get into it in more depth, as much as I am able to without violating the whole "To this font of knowledge each man must find his own way" admonition and totally screwing the pooch for you all.

*Yeah yeah Rufus, I hear you a mile away, "Told ya so". Well, well bite me.