Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Love Saturn

While this is certainly not something you will hear very often, due to the negative connotations and associations given to  Saturn, tonight I am very thankful to the father of the father of the gods, Kronos, and the sphere of Saturn for accomplishing for me, within the space of an hour or two something that I can say is nothing less than a miracle and which I expected would be all but impossible. Therefore, to all of the discerning readers of this blog I heartily recommend making a good offering unto old Saturn, and considering not only the negative or unpleasant rates ascribed to him, but also the immeasurable assistance he can offer one who approaches him with respect humility.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Facebook Page

For the past couple of years I've maintained a single Facebook page wherein my mundane, professional, fraternal and magickal interests and acquaintances were thrown together in as odd a coupling as can be imagined, given the disparity between these areas of my life. 

To simplify things for myself, and also stop horrifying certain of my mundane 9-5 co-workers with some of my posts, I've gone ahead and created a separate FB page specifically for all those whose shared interest with me is the Magickal/ Occult. 

Over the next few days I'll be removing many of you from my mundane FB page and migrating you to the new one, which can be found here

So if you've been one of my Facebook friends and in the next week or so notice that you are no longer, don;t take it personal, and expect a request coming from the new page. Or just save us both the time and send me one. 

On the bright side, for those of you who have found my witty, sarcastic and at times befuddling facebook commentary utterly boring and whose interest is purely in the Magickal, the creation of this page will allow me to get much more in depth and talk on a much more diverse range of Magickal topics, so you'll thank me later, I'm sure. Plus I can talk about Evoking demons, exorcising malefic miscreants and the like without giving my co-workers and love interests the proverbial "titty attack". 

So yeah, add me under the new page. Or don't. Do what thou wilt and all that. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Overdue Book Review # 2

Tongue twisting title aside, it's time for the second of my long over due book reviews. Well, maybe not LONG overdue, but a few days anyway. This one will come as no surprise as I've already endorsed the book publicly on Facebook, as well as made it a recommended resource for pronunciation purposes in my brand new super cool and as seen on tv eBook*, The Wisdom of Abrasax. 

Jason recently released an Advanced Planetary Magick eBook and set of recordings, and being the eager beaver that I am, I've been participating in his Crying of the 49 Calls kickoff which is happening in a special Facebook Group he created for the purpose.

Because I have reviewed pretty much everything Jason has released, and always quite deserving reviewed them favorably and with high recommendations, I know my shouting from atop the hills of this eBook's greatness is going to come off as me shilling for a friend. But its not. Really. He and I have an understanding whereby when we read each other's material, be it printed, published, commented or blogged, all bullshit and brotherly camaraderie aside, if we think one another is dead wrong or just plain full of what Miss Feist recently termed Methyl Indole, we'll tell each other honestly, and respectfully, "Dude, what in thee fuck are you talking about". But, thus far in our acquaintance, that hasn't happened, and as all of my readers know, I'm a fan. 

Mutual respect and admiration for his particular breed of Sorcery aside, THIS eBook is probably the one of his releases that I identify with the most, and the one I will make most use of. It gets right to it, foregoing all the bullshit, and condenses what could easily have been a 300 page book into much less without losing a thing, it is a better and more practical employment, or rather deployment, of the planetary magick system I use than any other book I've read - including Denning & Phillips', and to the delight of the goal oriented modern reader whose sole purpose isn't to bask in the rays of the sun and meet the gods of the spheres but to actually ACCOMPLISH practical, tangible, and immediate goals. 

And this, dear reader, is the crux of my admiration for the whole of Jason's entire system. Its all about making shit happen. For lack of a more colloquial term, good, and positive shit. He'll teach you how to achieve union with the divine, how to invoke, evoke, and if necessary revoke all manner of daimons and spirits and is quite proficient at it, but this eBook, like the Strategic Sorcery Course, is straight up, no fluff, "lets get shit done and get your kingdom in order". 

Just kidding there folks, the day anything I produce qualifies for an "As seen on TV" sticker or a "Godhood in 12 easy steps!" billboard is the day I put down my (metaphorical) wand, and contemplate just how hard I'd need to run at  a wall with my head bowed in order to do the trick.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Updates, Books, Book Reviews And More.

I've been kept quite busy these past weeks, with finalizing the editing and layout of the forthcoming anthology "Walking With The Angel", the release of my latest eBook offering, (which has by the way garnered a huge response among those who have thus far tried out the methods therein, and for which a couple of field reports will be forthcoming), working with a veteran and well known author for Nephilim Press whose first release is sure to knock your socks off, and so on, so forth. (And speaking of Nephilim Press, if anyone is looking for a copy of the long sold out deluxe Funerary Templar Edition of S. Connolly's Keys of Ocat without spending an arm and a leg, shoot me an email)

I am, therefore, a bit backed up in my blogging, and especially in the reviews of books that I've been wanting to write. The first is for a book I've supported and promoted from its conception, to when its author first showed me the full draft for review, to the present, as I have just finished reading the physical manifestation. 

The book of which I speak is Gateways Through Stone and Circle - a tome authored by a practicing Magus of the Grimoiric sort, albeit a bit more traditional than I, who is, as far as I know, the very first to replicate his Grimoire's specifications perfectly, and who has blessed us with not only a full account of the ceremonies that followed, but also how he, step by painstaking step, crafted each and every tool called for in the manuscript - and more importantly how WE can do the same. 

As is well known among my readers, I am a magus of the Grimoire Tradition, and my practice comes wholly from the ancient texts and traditions of Magick, devoid of new age tripe, however I am not, when necessary opposed to making substitutions in the materials called for in the text from which I am working, as long as such substitutions are both logical and in keeping with the original intent and purpose. 

Bryan, in this book, goes a step further, and recreates the tools BY THE BOOK, and illustrates the processes involved in doing so clearly and lucidly, so that even one who has the craftsmanship and artistic skill of a tree frog such as myself can do it. And his results - well, his results speak for themselves.

I cannot overstate the importance of this book to those interested in the Grimoire Tradition, and ESPECIALLY to those whose interest is in USING IT, here and now, in the modern era. What Bryan has done is not only provide you his experiences with Trithemius' DSIC, but also walked you hand in hand, step by step, through reproducing them on your own. This is something I've never seen done, and frankly something I wish I'd thought of before Crossed Keys.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Divination Dice As Found In Abrasax eBook

As promised, the dice for use with the divination method detailed in The Abrasax eBook are now available, and thanks to the remarkable skill of my designer, they are stunning. 

Let me preface this by saying that use of the system espoused in the eBook is NOT dependent on acquisition of these dice in particular - When I first began working it out with the guidance of the spirit revelator, I used crudely modified role playing game dice order from ebay, and at another point ones made by a friend who has ninja-like origami skills. 

The dice in question are made of sandstone ceramic, and are quite awesome looking indeed. They are also weighted perfectly, so unlike half of the ones you'll find in vegas craps tables, none of the sides are favored or have a higher propensity for coming up. Here's a preview:

These sets are designed, manufactured, and ready to roll. (Bad pun, I know), and will run $25 including U.S. Shipping, or $35 including international. As I mentioned above, a reasonable substitute for these can be made by hand relatively easily. This set is being offered for those who, like myself, love uber-cool looking and high quality materia whenever possible. Besides that, the price is about what you'd pay for a decent RPG dice set on eBay, and quite frankly between the modeling, design and manufacturing costs, I am making precisely $1.46 on each set, lest ye think this to be a get rich quick scheme. 

    Select Shipping Location

Still dont have the eBook and don't know what all the hype is about?  Check it out HERE


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hyperlinks In Abrasax eBook, and Pronunciation Guides

In my eBook released just this past Monday, there are several hyperlinks that were included to provide reference to further resources pertinent to the work, specifically in the areas of pronunciation. If your copy of adobe acrobat or reader's security settings are set to high, it will display the text of these links, but clicking on them will take you nowhere. (Took me 90 minutes on the phone with Adobe asking why my brand new $400 copy of Acrobat XI wasnt creating proper files to figure that out) 
The eBook, by the way, has already netted me 17 emails complimenting it and the content therein, as well as the unique system of divination if offers. So if you haven't yet, 

SO, that being said, you can either change your security setting to a lower level, or, for those who aren't able due to network restrictions, I will post all the links here now, since they'll benefit even those who haven't bought the eBook but DO own The Book of Abrasax. 

These links are all related to pronunciation of the Voces Magicae found in these and other Greco-Egyptian Magick texts. As a rule, you simply pronounce the words phonetically, as if they were in English, because what you're seeing in Abrasax isn't the actual Greek, but rather an English transliteration. In my eBook, however, I have even included the proper Greek, in hopes that the reader will make the effort to use it instead of just skipping right to the phonetic English.

  • First, and no this is not just a shameless plus for a friend,are the MP3 recordings of Jason actually PRONOUNCING them, which can be found in his Advanced Planetary Magick set
  • Omniglot has quite an extensive resource on pronunciation of the varying dialects of Greek, as well as a PDF download guide that should suffice to get anyone going
  • Omniglot also has a similar resource for working with the Coptic forms of the divine names and words of power
  • Thelesis Lodge of the O.T.O. offers recordings, allowing you to not only read how to pronounce these words, but HEAR it as well - an INVALUABLE tool
  • Berkeley offers a veritable course in pronunciation of the attic Greek with which we work, including a "Practice Session" to maximize you learning. On top of that, they also offer free recordings of many of the words we commonly use in our practice being spoken by Greek Linguists.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Previously Mentioned eBook Available NOW

So, despite my fervent belief of just last evening that this eBook could not possibly be released on any day but a Thursday, that being of course the day of Jupiter, I had an afterthought and decided that since one of the key workings herein is Coptic Egyptian Invocation of my Queen and Patroness ISIS, I would release it today instead, since she is, after all, "Isis, Great in Magick, Mighty Mistress of the Moon"

So down to the nitty gritty. This eBook is a supplement to the Book of Abrasax, as mentioned in my post yesterday, and contains four full invocations that were not yet ready for release at the time we went to print. The fact that the book had a distinct shortage of Invocations/ Evocations did not go unnoticed, especially as I am perhaps the biggest proponent of these two practices, and there was a reason for their omission, and that is the first rule of leadership, "Thou shalt do nothing that I will not do first, and I will not ask you to walk the untread ground, but rather to follow the bath I will blaze FOR you". 

In addition to these four full workings, the gem of this work - an entirely new yet completely ancient system of divination, presented for the first time ever as a comprehensive, lucid, logical and most of all EFFECTIVE whole. Included are historical citations and commentary on systems of divination *akin* to this one, but not identical to it, as well as two examples of its use by my own group. 

While undoubtedly the invocations will appeal most to many, it is the oracle wherein I find the most value, and for those who practice and learn it, I am sure you will as well. 

The cost of this eBook is $13 and it will be delivered almost instantly. Well, except at night. Dude, even a Magus has to sleep at some point! Bottom line - most will receive their copy immediately, since I can send it via my smartphone, but if you order at night, you'll still get it within 8 hours.