Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Difference Between Quality And Quickly

     I received a question last week that I think can be best answered with visual aids. The question was what makes a custom made Talisman such as those I make to order superior to one that can be bought and received in under a week. (Those being the eBay $10 mass produced novelty sort). 

     The difference, and indeed the superiority, is in the QUALITY, and the POWER. To illustrate this point, my Solid Brass Talisman of Venus, of my own design, custom made and consecrated for each individual on astrologically auspicious days and times:

     Need I say more?


  1. Beautiful work! Very psyched to receive my talismans. Hope you are keeping warm and sound during this winter onslaught.

  2. I plan on purchasing some of you work. Speaking of which, when can we expect an update to your Grimoire Magick website?

  3. Beautiful!
    Can I ask you how the notches were made on these piece? I have not figured out yet a way to make my own talismans look good.
    Thank you, nice work!