Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Strategic Sorcery Rite of Helios

     I have the fortune of being a participant in Inominandum's Rite of Helios, being performed this week as the kick off to his next cycle in the Strategic Sorcery Course. While I took, completed and gained much from the course long ago, I wanted to participate in this kick off ritual because of an ongoing relationship I have with Helios and because a global rite in his honor taking place this week could not possibly be better timed for me, as this weekend is a big one for me, and one for which the energies of Helios are a must-have. I'd love for some of my readers to sign up for the course and get in on this working, so if you haven't yet taken the course (if such people actually exist) Now is an opportune time to do so since you'll be included in this rite.

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