Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quality Vs. Expediency

Below is an email I received today from someone for whom I made a Venus Talisman in Gold Plate. Not a word has been changed, and the email is copy and pasted directly from outlook. For those who wonder why my talismans take longer to create and consecrate than the mass market crap you might buy elsewhere or from others who lack the skill, interest or ability to make something that WORKS, read the email below and understand the difference. I offer only the best and most effective - if you want something delivered in a couple of days that will be effective only in lightening your wallet, go somewhere else. 

The Talisman In Question:

The Email:

I have had it about a week now and I've already seen it take effect. The first time I put it on, as I was leaving my house I encountered my voluptuous blonde neighbor right outside. I maybe run into her on average once every couple months and we've never said more than a few neighborly words to each other. This time we talked about our respective dogs, made introductions and I was on my way. This isn't a girl I have romantic interest in (ok, maybe some carnal curiosity), but clearly the talisman was doing its thing.
And yesterday I had an exchange with a gorgeous young woman on the subway, which was thrilling. She was a real head turner and she was turning her head for me. That kind of thing never happens to me in Chicago. The women here are very guarded out in public. I lived in NYC as a younger man and one of my favorite things about that time and place were the handful of instances I'd meet a beautiful woman on the train. To have something like that happen again after so many years was an incredible pleasure. I am elated that your talisman can potentially enable those kinds of interactions as I go about my day. It even seems as if it has had an effect on my appearance. I'm 39, and while I don't consider myself old, I do feel that I am no longer young. Since wearing the talisman I find that I have more of a glow when I look in the mirror. My hair seems healthier. My face less haggard. I seem fresher and more vibrant.  
I also see that I have to be careful about wearing it around the women in my life who I do not have any attraction towards, as it clearly works on them too.
Your work is miraculous and I look forward to your new store opening so that I can commission another metal piece.
Thank you again

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