Friday, May 16, 2014

SOMA Webinar TONIGHT - The Holy Guardian Angel, w/ MC, RO, Jason Miller, & Aaron Leitch

     As those of my readers who also follow The Society of Magical Artists and their series of unique and enlightening webinars (And if you don't, you certainly SHOULD) will have already heard, this evening promises to be one to remember. As part of their series of free lectures with some of the day's most innovative and brilliant magickal minds, tonight Rufus Opus, Jason Miller, Aaron Leitch, myself, (and hopefully the good brother Ashen Chassan, if he's able to rearrange his schedule!) will be participating in a panel discussion and Q&A on


     Yes, beloved readers, The Holy Guardian Angel, one of the most mysterious, enigmatic and controversial subjects in Magick and Occultism, and also the subject of the recently released (and nearly sold out!) anthology which brought together nearly a dozen of the best in the game to share their experiences and views, will be tonight's topic of discussion. Friends, I needn't tell you this will not be your average webinar. By some chain of preordained celestial events set in motion by the gods (Or possibly by the patience and persistence of Mr. S.O.M.A. himself, Jeffrey Lee Contreras), tonight's session will involve not one, but a handful of your favorite authors, if I may be so bold as to assume. That's right, someone, somewhere, thought locking Rufus, Jason, Aaron, Bryan and I in a room together to talk Magick would be a splendid idea (Metaphorically, of course. I've just eaten Mexican and lord knows anyone ACTUALLY locked in a room with me this evening would likely assume we'd inadvertently evoked the Grand Demon Gassifer)

     So cancel your plans, call of your date, lock yourself in your home office in front of your computer or your living room with your tablet, and at 9pm Eastern Time (8pm Central), open your copy of The Holy Guardian Angel* and click on this link:

     *What's that you say? You don't HAVE a copy of The Holy Guardian Angel? You haven't ordered one yet? Clearly you've taken leave of your senses and are in need of medical help. I hereby prescribe a visit to Nephilim's Website to remedy this ailment at once.