Friday, July 18, 2014

Collaborative Magick - Big Guns For Big Targets

     Recently I have become involved in a collaborative effort at the behest of a client. While this isn't my first such experience, this go around has proven particularly powerful and opened up countless doors for exploration of this undocumented and likely unexplored area of Magick, and started the wheels in my head turning in all sorts of directions. 

     Before going further, I should explain to what I am referring when I say collaborative magick, and because I am a long winded writer who loves to belabor a point, I'll do so by offering some backstory to help illustrate how this particular joint venture came about. In order to protect the privacy of the client for whom myself and this Magickal "Dream Team" are working, I'll omit anything that could point those who know him in his direction.

     One of my students who I am presently tutoring in traditional Solomonic and Grimoire Magick recently fell victim to a series of unfortunate events which, in a true demonstration of the domino effect, created the "Perfect Storm", taking his personal, professional and home lives from zero to "oh fuck!" in a matter of weeks. The event that set this unholy hell of a chain of events in motion was a car accident wherein he was not at fault. Nice guy that he is, in the face of a teenage driver who was absolutely terrified at the prospect of her parents taking away her keys thus condemning her to the fortress of solitude better known as her house and totally ruining her life, our protagonist decided since his car was old and had seen better days anyway, he would just let it be and not involve police or insurance, but would just let the young lady go on her way after exchanging phone numbers and accepting her promise to pay for his admittedly small damages with her next pay check. In the interests of brevity (Oxymoron to use the word brevity alongside my writing, but hey...) I won't detail the specifics of the ensuing events, I'll just say that this act of kindness brought about legal, financial, and marital complications. The young lady, apparently still in fear of her parents' wrath, decided to alter the story a tad bit, placing our hero in the role of the at fault driver, and apparently lacking skills of improvisation, when asked why SHE didn't call the police, she could think of no better explanation than to say he was, like, totally nice about it and had given her his number promising to call her and arrange for repairs, and besides, she just wanted to leave because he was way flirting with her. The chain of events that followed involved the police being contacted when our client failed to call the young lady to pay for her damages as she'd assured her parents he would, a call to the insurance company, a visit to his home by the police, a cancelled auto insurance policy, a wife on the verge of leaving, a civil court case, the suspension of his drivers license, and half a dozen other unpleasant issues stemming from his attempt to call her to talk some sense into her and tell her how much she was ruining his life. 

     The magnitude of this man's issues was just overwhelming. The walls of his home and life had fallen and the remains thereof were closing in on him faster than me on a chocolate covered cannoli.  This being a student of mine, and one of the most promising of the few I currently have, I wanted to help. But where to start? My training, both in Magick and in other areas of my life, holds that when there are too many wheels in motion, too many forces aligned against you, too many targets in the air, you grab your favorite weapon, aim at the first one in sight and start pecking them off without over thinking it. In this case, however, what was needed was rapid deployment of multiple rites to hold at bay the problems already arisen, and subsequently to start reversing the damage done by each individual issue. 

     The inspiration for what we've now begun was a comment made by yours truly in my typical wiseass fashion. "Too bad I can't just put together a magickal version of the dream team". Moments after that offhand comment, I had Inominandum and Rufus Opus in a chat with me explaining this situation, and asking if I was crazy, or did they like the idea. After a skype meeting wherein RO and Jason met the client, heard his side of the story and were convinced he was sincere and honest, the Three Magickal Muskateers were in battle mode, each looking into our respective repertoire and identifying aspects of our friend's situation which resemble ones we'd had previous success in handling. 

     The Theory behind this type of magickal collaboration is quite sound, so long as each practitioner involved is on the same page and all of our efforts were coordinated, we are all aware of our individual roles, and we use complimentary techniques as opposed to conflicting ones. (i.e., not working the same angle but employing deities from two adversarial pantheons). Far from the "Too many hands in the pot", or "Too many chefs make a foul tasting stew" type results you would assuredly get when hiring several practitioners to work on the same project unbeknownst to one another, this coordinated, highly planned, and from every angle examined approach has yielded tremendous results. 

     In addition to the coordinated individual work the three of us have been doing on behalf of our client, the culmination of our work for him will be a rite designed and carried out by the three of us commencing at precisely the same moment, with all of our work tied together by a sigil representing our collective goal and the ultimate victory of our client over all the obstacles he presently faces. 

     While such collaborations aren't always indicated, and even when they can be the answer they need to be approached carefully, selecting magicians whose skill compliments one anothers, who work well together and do not feel "in competition" with each other, and who can work together to formulate a thoroughly cohesive plan of attack, we have demonstrated in this work that with these conditions met, this type of work can be a life saver, both literally and figuratively.


  1. It wouldn't be a bad idea to include a spanking for that young "lady" for trashing a kindness, then to stand by and let a life fall apart.

  2. No good deed goes unpunished, but her misdeed should definitely earn her a just comeuppance.