Friday, July 18, 2014

Magickal Apprenticeship and Education Program

Over the last several years I have mentioned a Magickal course and apprenticeship that I have, from time to time, provided to individuals who have requested my mentorship and guidance in their study and as they traverse the Magickal path. In that time, I have received numerous requests for information on how one could go about applying for apprenticeship, but due to prior commitments I have been unable to take on any new students. I am now prepared to take on a small number of motivated, driven and deserving individuals.

Due to the nature of the course I have developed, I will only ever take on 6 students at a time – Because I am thus limited, I need to gather as much information about the prospective students’ history, ability and goals in order to select those who are most likely to succeed in a distance learning environment. Therefore I ask anyone interested to fill out this application, then  email it to mikececchetelli (at)
Regardless if what level of attainment you have already reached in your own study, I do start each student at the beginning, reintroducing meditation, ritual breathing, and other prerequisites that are necessary for successful evocation and in other areas of Magick. From there we work at your pace, with you and I meeting weekly on skype, one on one, to discuss the previous week’s progress, for instruction, and for me to provide you new areas of study and exercises. Aside from the once weekly skype meetings, I also remain available via email throughout the week for any questions, or to walk you through any exercises we’ve agreed on for you. Since we are working with a geographical distance between us, I make myself available whenever necessary to provide guidance and feedback you would normally receive during in person instructional sessions. As a rule, I only take on 6 students at a time and only take on those who I can dedicate significant portions of my time to, and if I can’t, I would refer you to someone else instead of giving you only half of my attention.

I dont send you pre-written lessons or course materials; I tailor my approach and lessons to YOU

Because you’ll be pursuing a general, rounded education as opposed to taking on one aspect of Magick as your “major”, we would spend several weeks on each of the core fields of study, afterwards moving into evocation. Prior to delving into evocation, you will be given instruction on preliminaria, such as energizing, attaining single minded focus, cleansing of yourself and your work area, opening rituals by balancing the appropriate influences and elevating yourself spiritually, working with the planets and elements, offering, establishing patronship, the Holy Guardian Angel and helpful spirits, and then lessons in the more specialized areas of Magick and overviews of the different systems and techniques (Graeco-Egyptian & Coptic, Solomonic, Theurgy, Thaumaturgy, etc… During this introduction to higher magick we would work with divination and discussion around which entity your will tells you should be the subject of your first evocation, and then begin immersing you in the lore and history of that entity, making offerings, work with their sigil, all designed to establish a preliminary bond between you and that entity (entity being a general term encompassing Gods, Goddesses, Angels, “Demons”, etc…) so that once you have passed all the first lessons and are ready to make your first approach through evocation, you are “expected”, and your call is welcomed.

When we do get into evocation and spirit work, I take you through a graduated program of study and practice – first evoking into a medium such as an obsidian mirror or bowl, then using smoke as a base for manifestation, then evocation sans visible manifestation where you are required to use your senses to discern presence, and finally,


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