Monday, October 13, 2014

Free Books And Items To Be Listed on Listia From Now On

Those who've been here a while know that as an avid collector of occult books, a few times a year I post a list of books I no longer need and allow you all to pick and choose, giving them away free. From now on, in order to make sure more of you get a chance to pick some up and also so my inbox doesnt get flooded, I'm putting them all up on this Freebie Auction site, Listia. (No this isn't some promotional thing). I was reluctant to use the site first, but after trying it I must admit it's a nice concept. Give stuff away, earn credits you use to get stuff other people are giving away, no money involved. If you want more credits to bid on items, you can do things like post on facebook, surveys or whatever, but the premise is give away stuff, get other stuff. Basically a karma, save the earth by recycling your stuff instead of throwing it away type thing, but personally I just like being able to give shit away without needing to answer dozens of emails.

At present I have a few tarot decks and some misc household electronics up, but will be putting up a dozen paperbacks throughout the week as well as a couple items from an order that was canceled (a Solomonic Ring and a Talisman). I am thinking of also doing a weekly Tarot reading there as well as putting my older eBooks up rather than having to send those out manually, and so you all can pick them up without opening the wallet.

To sign up, use this link so I get some extra credit for sending you and you get a few hundred to start.


  1. Great idea, thanks for doing this. I could not find your listings, would you mind posting your Lista name? I looked under Tarot, Solomonic ring, Occult and Mike but no luck.

  2. The holy guardian angel book is sold out. Will it be available again??