Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Talismans Beginning Their Journey To Their New Master

The first batch of talismans offered in my recent 2 for $200 sale has been consecrated, empowered and begun its magickal flight (courtesy of the USPS) to their new bearer. I get teary eyed and choked up every time I ship them, like a proud parent sending his children off into the world to make their way and find their destiny. Well, not quite like that, but nonetheless I do love sending these little beauties off to their new homes, and sending them I have done. So if you ordered, be on the look out!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Special Offering EXTENDED - Custom Gold Talismans

UPDATE 6-9-14: At the request of two long time readers I am extending this offer through Friday of this week. Anyone wanting to take advantage and grab them while this deal is in affect may do so any time between now and then. After Friday the price will change here and on the website.

In celebration of the successes obtained by two recent customers with my custom made Planetary Talismans, I have decided to offer a special discount for 72 hours or the next 7 customers, whichever arrives first. 

My custom made, heavy and high quality gold plate planetary talismans are traditionally $150 + shipping each. For as long as this special lasts, I am offering TWO, of your choice, for $200. Any two planetary talismans of your choice, in the absolute highest quality gold plate over stainless steel or brass, can be yours by 

Those seeking any of the other items offered on my Grimoire Magick Website can email me using the link above and to the left for discounted rates and offerings.

In addition to PayPal, I also accept Credit Card or Bitcoin. Please email me for payment instructions and/ or an invoice for either of these payment methods. 

Once again, this special is being offered to the first 7 customers, or until this time on Monday, whichever comes first. 

Examples of the Gold Plated Talismans