Monday, October 19, 2015

Evocation - How (NOT) To Do It

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of working with a young man who has been ardently pursuing mastery of Evocation and who, despite having made several dozen attempts, has had no luck whatsoever and was quite perturbed at the universe's complete ambivalence to his adjurations. (his words, not mine). Having read some posts on various fora indicating that for Evocation, I was the man to see, he decided to reach out and find out just why MY calls are answered when his are not. 

After the preliminary stuff, i.e. finding out where he learned his methods from and if he was practicing from a manuscript then which, I dug into the matter at hand directly and asked him to describe his ceremony and from start to finish how he performed his rite. 

As it turns out, while he had very good intentions and was sincere in his desire, his actual practice was inspired by something found online that purported to be a failed ceremonial evocation. He found a video on Youtube which, he thought, was a recording of a genuine evocation; albeit one that failed and left the evocateur angry and impotent. In keeping with what he saw there, he had googled "evocation of demons", printed out what he believed to be the most authentic "seance", and replicated what he had seen in the video.  Intrigued by the idea of an actual evocation on film, I asked him to find it and send me the link.

This is what he had been watching. 



Even the most inexperienced reader of this blog will, I'm sure, be able to point out any number of issues with this "seance", but I figured it would give everyone a bit of chuckle so I decided to share it along with this post. The full video can be found on Youtube, including all manner of preparations and "aftermath" videos where the subject of the video describes in detail how his life has gone down the drain since this ceremony and all of the horrible things he sees in his dreams since "selling his soul to the devil". Quite the conundrum this poor gent finds himself in. 

Anyway, to the point, while almost comedic, this video does demonstrate one of the behaviors that prevents aspiring evocateurs from succeeding, and that is the "matter of factly" way he carries himself, reading the script of his conjuration as if he was reading a cookie recipe, wearing the clothes he had on all day and just a lackadaisical manner. While the above video can be ruled out as an obvious gag and not at all a serious attempt to summon Lucifer, many are the times I have encountered students who mirror his halfhearted effort when engaged in ceremonial magick, condemning their rite before even completing it. 

While we needn't carry ourselves with the stodgy, stick-up-the-rear up-tightness of say an AE Waite (as portrayed in Moonchild anyway), we DO need to keep in mind that we aren't hanging out with friends watching Sunday Football. One way I tend to illustrate the point is to tell the aspirant to recall how they behave when they are in their manager's office at work, discussing a possible raise. Then, imagine how they'd carry themselves if the vice president of the company walked in that office, and then the CEO. Well behaved, focused and on task, right? So why give less than that when addressing angels and deities? 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Some Books Offered For Sale

Cleaning out my closet as I periodically do I have found it necessary to prune my collection once again, and so I am offering a handful of titles for sale here to interested persons.

To purchase any of these titles, send me an email or use the contact link found here

1) Hell Fire Club Books - Pyramidos, Fine Edition. (More Info Here) comes with personally signed card from the author.  - $100
2) Society of Esoteric Endeavor - Horseman's Grip and Word, Standard HD with Dust Jacket - $30
3) Clavis Journal, #2 - $20
4) Aletheia: Astrology For Thelemites - $40
5) Seven Spheres, HC  - $60
6) Book of Abrasax, Leather Edition, Signed  - $150
7) Ritual Offerings - $50
8) Magic Circles in The Grimoire Tradition - $40
9) Liber L Vel Bogus  - ?
10) Hadean Press & Occult Consultancy's "Spirit Cards" Divination Oracle (Limited to 50)

Friday, August 21, 2015

New Home On The Web

Not long ago I removed my website from the internet when my web host's failure to implement basic security protocol resulted in a large breach and loss of user data & personal information. Since then I've been without a web presence. This wasn't a major concern for me since I have no desire to attract those with idle curiosity or whose google search for "spellcaster to get me girls" brought them my way, and since for me what's important is practice, teaching and writing, not having a super cool website with all sorts of dark imagery.

This morning I achieved a happy medium, publishing a rather pleasant looking site that captures my own personality through the design and which serves to convey the necessary information without taking up a huge amount of my time to maintain. 

Thus I am happy to introduce my new website, found here:

As my practice and personal system of magick have evolved, the term "Grimoire Magick" has become less and less appropriate. While the thrust of my work remains rooted in the classical Grimoires, my primary interest these days is in reconstructing the Coptic/ Gnostic Magick as espoused in The Book of Abrasax. For that reason, I have switched from the domain to which, at this point in my career, feels more appropriate. Because let's face it, some of the shit I'm doing and winning with would likely piss off the authors of the Grimoires, albeit impressing them at the same time. 

The site is a work in progress, a couple of the sections are as yet untouched but will soon be complete.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Contact Form Fixed

According to a couple of readers, the contact form I use for this blog (Top left of the page) was disabled recently, so I have replaced it with an easier one. I apologize to those who were unable to reach me - you can now enter your message directly without having to navigate to another page.

Those who were trying to contact me for the leather copies of the Book of Abrasax, the course or the leftover talismans please do so now using the new form.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Apprenticeship Course Reborn

     Some time ago I began accepting students for participation in a beta test version of an apprenticeship program and magickal education course that I had been planning for many years. After several bumps in the road and a brief "pause" to reorganize, I have reopened this program on a new, more efficient and available platform. 

     Taking a cue from MIT and innumerable other respectable institutions of higher learning, I have turned to the cloud to make the textual portion of the course available in an e-Learning format. Lessons 1-360 will be available here, released weekly. As new students join they will have access to the portal immediately. 

     The course, however, will not be limited to textual lessons found here. We will have webinars also hosted on this portal, group and individual chat sessions, group rituals and, for those able to attend, day long in person seminars with group rituals in Tampa and Philadelphia.

     I am excited about this launch, and invite any questions or inquiries via email, using the link above at left, or by leaving your email address in the comments section to this post and I will email you. (Comments are private and seen only by me unless I publish them, so no, your email address won't be seen by spam bots)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Practical Grimoire Magician's Rejoice - Techniques of Solomonic Magic Released

     Not long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a volume that quickly superseded all other works on the subject, including my own Book of Abrasax, and took it's place as a classic of modern magickal thought.  That book was Stephen Skinner's Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic; the first of two volumes intended to make accessible one of the most venerated and powerful systems of magick. 

     Today I awoke in a rather foul mood. That unpleasantness, however, quickly abated when I opened up Feedly for my daily blog and feed check and I was greeted by the news that the selfsame Mr. Skinner had recently released a similarly intended volume, this time for Solomonic Magic. I don't think I need to tell you how big of a thing this is - While myself and a couple of others who, for lack of a better term, "know our shit", do teach the Magick of the Grimoires (See also Aaron Leitch, Ashen Chassan, et. al) there has never been anything like this - a genuine textbook that makes the Grimoires "do-able". 

     The Grimoire Tradition is, at present, a bountiful field from which an aspirant can choose any number of paths. With new, critical and corrected translations of known and unknown manuscripts coming out at a rate of two or three each year, there is no shortage of material available to the student from which to practice. - The availability of source materials in abundance, however, is rendered moot for most because while these Grimoires contain the conjurations, voces magicae, divine names and seals necessary to accomplish your work, never has there been a single framework, ritual structure or reference book to teach you the when, where, at what time, with what incense, facing what direction, after what type of fast, with what prep and preliminaria, etc...

    To demonstrate the importance of the teachings you'll find in this volume, let us consider a man who owns a solid gold, diamond studded rolex watch, but who cannot read a clock. Sure, he has an incredibly valuable watch, definitely fun to show off and certainly a conversation piece, but practically speaking if he can't tell time it may as well be a plastic one received in the bottom of a cereal box. So it is with Grimoire Magick. Opening one of the works released by Joe Peterson, Dan Harms or Stephen Skinner you find yourself in possession of a system of magick both ancient and powerful, one of the precious few modern books of true value and which explicates magick ritual as known to our forefathers. But, however beautiful the conjurations and however accurate the seals, if you don't know the basics you may as well be reading something by Migene Wippler or some other such fuckery. 

     And that is where this volume comes in. A cursory glimpse at the contents suffices to convince me that this volume is something that could have saved me several years of trial and error while attempting to create a ritual structure for use with the evocations found in the classics. 

     In addition to covering all of the practical considerations we can see that this volume offers sections on Major Magical Techniques, forms of divination, a treatise on the concept of imprisoning spirits and material of great value to the academician. Without a doubt, this book is poised to be my top pick for 2015. 

     * As a final note - as I always do, let me offer the following disclosures. I do not know Mr. Skinner beyond having a few minutes of chat on facebook when he released TGEM a year or so ago. I have no stake in this book, no connection to Golden Hoard and no motivation beyond a sincere admiration for the author and appreciation for his work.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Playing Catch Up: Recently Released Books That You Need

     During my hiatus from blogging there are a number of things that have taken place that, when in business-as-usual mode, I assuredly would have written about. While going back and posting a paragraph or two about each of them that had occurred from last August to the present is something I have neither the time nor inclination to do, as an author and occult book enthusiast I do want to touch on a few books that have found there way to my collection that I firmly believe belong on the nightstand of everyone reading this blog. (And also on the nightstand of all those former readers who have angrily left for greener pastures due to my absence).

     Before that, though, allow me to explain something. The last time I recommended a book it was one released by my own publisher -Nephilim Press, which happened also to be authored by a friend who I actually pitched Nephilim to when he was preparing to write his book - Rufus Opus. When I named his book Seven Spheres as a must-have, someone who clearly doesn't know me very well opined that my recommendation was likely colored by it being a Nephilim title and one written by a friend. I won't waste much time refuting that or explaining the strict standards I have for anything I put my seal of approval on, instead I'll summarize by saying I couldn't give less of a fuck if a book was written by my wife and published by my dog. If I don't find it valuable, I don't endorse it. I also do not endorse every title Nephilim has released. If you care to go back through my posts from the time I first signed on with them until now you'll notice there are several that were never mentioned here, weren't advertised or pitched by me. In their early days they dropped a couple turds, as we all know. These days you won't find a publisher that has higher standards than Nephilim, I can attest to that because I'm involved with them and I see the shit Frank puts authors through to make sure nothing that isn't great goes out the door, and you can bet when he does release somethng, the author has been put through the wringer and the material reviewed meticulously by Nephilim and by the authors peers, something no one else I know of does. But In general, if you see a product or book mentioned on my blog or site its because I find it valuable. The reason all the book reviews you see on my site are positive and complimentary is because I don't sit around and read shit books just to have something to criticize. I have a serious lack of free time and what little I do have, I spend reading books I believe I'm going to enjoy or get something from. Sometimes I am wrong and a book I thought might be good ends up being, well, not so much, and in those cases I usually toss them halfway through and forget they exist.

That being said, on to the books. 

The Book of Oberon

     On several occasions I have been published or recorded as saying that aside from the well known Grimoires we all know and love there is a potential plethora of unknown manuscripts that could represent significant additions to the corpus sitting in one library or another gathering dust, and that it is a damned shame the majority of them will never grace our shelves. The Book of Oberon is one that was spared that fate, having been rescued from ignominious  demise amongst other unwanted volumes by Joe Peterson, Dan Harms and James Clark. The Book of Oberon stands apart from its more famous counterparts in that it takes the form of a working magician's personal Grimoire. Instead of instructions for performing a set of invocations that, together, constitute the corpus of the Grimoire, The Book of Oberon closely resembles something done by Hockley or Dr. Rudd; that is, a textbook comprised of a number of rites collected from various sources for specific gains & results. Don't allow that description to fool you though - far from the "Books of Shadows" which take similar shape and contain such venerable magicks as "Pierce the eye of a worm and say blagojevich 24 times at midnight whilst eating taco bell", The Book of Oberson is VERY much a Grimoire - Summoning the denizens of the unknown, previously unseen seals and talismans, oracions as beautiful and powerful as any of Solomonic origin and all.

     I can say in all honesty, The Book of Oberon has taken its place among my "Top 5 Grimoires", both for the magnitude of material, its diversity and practical application and for the fact that it has manifested in such a complete, thorough and painstakingly researched form. In past reviews I have touted the contributions made to the corpus by both Joe Peterson and Dan Harms, and this work is, in my opinion, one of their best. Alongside those by Stephen Skinner, Harms and Peterson's works represent the best of the best, and Oberon is no exception.

     (Lest ye detractors think this review was flavored by something other than genuine respect, let me state that I have never exchanged so much as a word with Joe, have had only about 5 minutes of unrelated discourse with Dan Harms and prior to this volume had never heard of James Clark. The publisher, Llewellyn, is one about whom I have very publicly expressed great contempt)

Seven Spheres

     Having mentioned this title above, as well as the kerfluffle that ensued when I made mention of it once previously suggesting it to a facebook friend, I won't spend much time here. Besides, if you're a reader here chances are you're well acquainted with Mr. Opus and his particular style of Hermetic Magick, and you've likely already read this book. I am, nonetheless, obliged to mention it, simply because it kicks ass. In this volume RO explicates his strain of planetary magick, expanding greatly on the Planetary Gates series he released some time ago. Within we find magick influenced heavily by Agrippa, yet very clearly RO's own and therefore unlike any other. To say I was excited when RO told me he was finally going to release a print book would be an understatement, and to say that excitement was justified when I finally read the final product would be even more so. This work serves to present a working (and well proven) system of planetary magick that many, including myself, have used to great effect. Rufus' planetary work as taught in 7S formed the central rite of the Magickal Group "Gentlemen For Jupiter, of which I was once upon a lifetime a member, and although to say it was the only Jupiterian work we performed would be a lie, I can say that while working with it as a group, the group flourished and a great many of its members experienced very tangible material gains. For lack of a better paraphrase, Our Kingdom Cameth. I heartily recommend this title to all - and no, fucktard, NOT because I like the guy or because Nephilim is my home. 

That's all folk's! Well, for now anyway. There are 3 more books I need to review, and 2 more yet to read and review after that, but today's free time has come to an end and other, offline, obligations call. The next review will be a more in depth one on Stephen Skinner's Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic which, in my eyes, represents the most important work in 10 years.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gnostic Magicians Rejoice

     For the plethora of readers who have found the Magick contained in The Book of Abrasax, and by extension in the PGM itself, there is reason to celebrate. Not long ago a previously unseen manuscript very much tied to the corpus from which we work was released in print for the first time, under the name A Coptic Codex of Ritual Power. This release constitutes the first time new material from this field was introduced in many, many years, and I could not be happier with *how* it was published - that is, by a respected academic publisher, reproducing the manuscript itself with a translation and cd on which you will find high resolution images of the manuscript itself. It appears to be dated from a bit later than the PGM, however it is clearly of the same school and shares much with the earlier work, as well as expanding on it substantially with rites not previously found. As a sidenote - I have no connection whatsoever with the publisher, author or anyone involved with the project, so please know that this post is not a pitch or promo - my interest in this book is strictly personal. The content is excellent and will be found valuable by anyone with interest in the field, and represents a key piece in reconstructing the system.

     It also represents the reason I've been absent for so long. When this work was released, I was in the middle of releasing the first of the series called "The Castillian Grimoires of Alfonso X", and much to the dismay of my publisher and friend at Nephilim Press, I dropped everything and jumped head first into this manuscript. My absolute focus on reconstructing this material as I did with what's presented in The Book of Abrasax and turning the transcription into a workable system of Magick overtook everything else in my life, and all else, including my relationship with my (former) fiancee, was second. The result, fortunately, is an addition to the corpus from The Book of Abrasax that in many ways supersedes the work to which it was added. The manuscript I was working with this time contained something those from which Abrasax is drawn didn't, a key that lent additional power to the rites therein, which has also empowered the (already powerful and effective) rites contained in BOA. So as you can imagine, I was quite absorbed in this work, ignoring this blog, the book I had been working on, my relationship and everything else. It took a death in the family to wake me up, but the work produced while I was playing hermit is as good, likely better, than anything I've previously done, and has added significantly to my own Magickal repertoire. 

     As a portent to the value to come later in the book, the very first rite contained therein stands out as one that was found nearly perfectly intact in the manuscript, and has proven to be one of great worth. Both christian and gnostic in theme, this invocation calls upon jesus as well as Sabaoth, by virtue of the same divine names we find throughout the earlier PGM. 

Portions of this invocation:

I give thanks to you, and I call upon you, Baktiotha; 
The great one, who is very trustworthy, the one who is lord over the forty and th nine kinds of serpents, they all being servants to him... namely, the ones who are in the abyss and under the air, the deaf and the blind, those who can hear and who can see! 
It is your fear which is over them all! 
I appeal to you! twice good ruler, twice almighty, twice! 
Behold, Jesus, thrice savior, thrice El, thrice ANANOUEL, EMANOUEL, APASOUSA, PASOUKTHA, the living christ in heaven, the one begotten and the right side of his father! The Barbelo, living wisdom, Sophia who was filled from the two loins of the father and has begotten for us a perfect living man! 
Listen to me, I NN son of NN, the one from SOLOMON, I am Mariham in what is hidden! Marihamen in what has been revealed!
I call upon you, in every hour


I call upon ou by the name Phanouel, Manouel! I invoke you, I am NN son of NN, In the name of Mosel, Hermopiel, and of Elethe, Dauithe, Eleleth, Souriael, These who are the four great inexpressible light bringers

     Compare the "four great inexpressible light bringers" to the 4 Luminaries found in the PGM and touted as entities benevolent to the Magus in my own Book of Abrasax. The names incanted in the line invoking Jesus are also identical to those found throughout the corpus' elder works. Those who've read Abrasax know that these similarities are one of the things that aid me in reconstructing a system of modern magick from these ancient works. When a string of 20 names is found in one sheet and another sheet has a identical string which was cut off after the 11th due to an illegible portion of the MS or perhaps a missing piece of the papyrus, it is appropriate to complete that page using the 12th-20th names from the former. By associating rites in this new MS with those in the PGM and Bruce Codex, I have been able to further my research and complete more of the system. 

     SO, although I missed you, my dear readers, I am proud of what has been accomplished in the time since my last posts here on The Lion's Den, and look forward to sharing more of this work in the future.

*Although The Book of Abrasax has long sold out, there are a handful of the full leather editions available by contacting me directly

Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Nephilim Press Seconds Available

For those who took advantage of, and especially those who missed out on the recent offering of Nephilim Press' scratch and dent copies of The Holy Guardian Angel, there is another batch of the other titles available.

I got a call moments ago from Herman who Nephilim sold off all their discounted titles to asking me if I could post this advertisement as I did for the last batch. Nephilim recently completed their yearly inventory, and after accounting for everything they sold him a batch of 54 misc titles, all of which are now being offered to the public. He has:

10 Copies "The Book of Smokeless Fire" By S. Ben Qayin
5 Copies "Sabbatica" By Edgar Kerval
3 Copies - "The Keys of Ocat" By S. Connolly
1 Copy - Qlipoth
1 Copy - Grimoire of Tiamat By Asenath Mason
6 Copies - Seven Sphers By Rufus Opus

The rest will be listed on Saturday

Anyone interested please email HERMAN, not me and not Nephilim. Last time we posted about this I got a couple dozen emails and Nephilim got a hundred - These are available ONLY through:


See the pictures below for examples of the condition these are in. Most are perfect or with imperceptible flaws as shown in the book on the bottom, others have scuffing to the covers as shown on the top

UPDATE 4-29-15

Copies of Abrasax in full leather, the deluxe edition of Ocat and a couple of Nephilim's uber-fine editions are also available

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Discounted HGA Seconds - NEW Email Address For Inquiries

I  have been asked to post and inform all who are responding to Jason's post regarding the discounted/ damaged copies of The Holy Guardian Angel (Found Here) that the email address Jason provided in his post (Nephilim2nds (at) is no longer valid.

Jason's overwhelming popularity broke it. Well, kinda. That email address was created yesterday specifically to handle the sale of these scratch & dent books, and once Jason posted it online several dozen emails came in at once. So between the incoming emails and outgoing replies, Yahoo's anti-spam filter said "Whooooa, kill this account!"

Those who sent emails prior to 10am Eastern time will have received replies already including instructions for sending payment, HOWEVER after 10am access to that account has been restricted, so please begin using nephilimseconds(at)  or just

Click Here

*Update - Herman has informed me that he had replied to ALL emails that were in the inbox up until the account was blocked, so if you received an email with payment insftructions you can go right ahead and use whatever instructions were provided in the email. If you sent an email and have not received a reply, you need to write to the new email address or he wont see it