Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gnostic Magicians Rejoice

     For the plethora of readers who have found the Magick contained in The Book of Abrasax, and by extension in the PGM itself, there is reason to celebrate. Not long ago a previously unseen manuscript very much tied to the corpus from which we work was released in print for the first time, under the name A Coptic Codex of Ritual Power. This release constitutes the first time new material from this field was introduced in many, many years, and I could not be happier with *how* it was published - that is, by a respected academic publisher, reproducing the manuscript itself with a translation and cd on which you will find high resolution images of the manuscript itself. It appears to be dated from a bit later than the PGM, however it is clearly of the same school and shares much with the earlier work, as well as expanding on it substantially with rites not previously found. As a sidenote - I have no connection whatsoever with the publisher, author or anyone involved with the project, so please know that this post is not a pitch or promo - my interest in this book is strictly personal. The content is excellent and will be found valuable by anyone with interest in the field, and represents a key piece in reconstructing the system.

     It also represents the reason I've been absent for so long. When this work was released, I was in the middle of releasing the first of the series called "The Castillian Grimoires of Alfonso X", and much to the dismay of my publisher and friend at Nephilim Press, I dropped everything and jumped head first into this manuscript. My absolute focus on reconstructing this material as I did with what's presented in The Book of Abrasax and turning the transcription into a workable system of Magick overtook everything else in my life, and all else, including my relationship with my (former) fiancee, was second. The result, fortunately, is an addition to the corpus from The Book of Abrasax that in many ways supersedes the work to which it was added. The manuscript I was working with this time contained something those from which Abrasax is drawn didn't, a key that lent additional power to the rites therein, which has also empowered the (already powerful and effective) rites contained in BOA. So as you can imagine, I was quite absorbed in this work, ignoring this blog, the book I had been working on, my relationship and everything else. It took a death in the family to wake me up, but the work produced while I was playing hermit is as good, likely better, than anything I've previously done, and has added significantly to my own Magickal repertoire. 

     As a portent to the value to come later in the book, the very first rite contained therein stands out as one that was found nearly perfectly intact in the manuscript, and has proven to be one of great worth. Both christian and gnostic in theme, this invocation calls upon jesus as well as Sabaoth, by virtue of the same divine names we find throughout the earlier PGM. 

Portions of this invocation:

I give thanks to you, and I call upon you, Baktiotha; 
The great one, who is very trustworthy, the one who is lord over the forty and th nine kinds of serpents, they all being servants to him... namely, the ones who are in the abyss and under the air, the deaf and the blind, those who can hear and who can see! 
It is your fear which is over them all! 
I appeal to you! twice good ruler, twice almighty, twice! 
Behold, Jesus, thrice savior, thrice El, thrice ANANOUEL, EMANOUEL, APASOUSA, PASOUKTHA, the living christ in heaven, the one begotten and the right side of his father! The Barbelo, living wisdom, Sophia who was filled from the two loins of the father and has begotten for us a perfect living man! 
Listen to me, I NN son of NN, the one from SOLOMON, I am Mariham in what is hidden! Marihamen in what has been revealed!
I call upon you, in every hour


I call upon ou by the name Phanouel, Manouel! I invoke you, I am NN son of NN, In the name of Mosel, Hermopiel, and of Elethe, Dauithe, Eleleth, Souriael, These who are the four great inexpressible light bringers

     Compare the "four great inexpressible light bringers" to the 4 Luminaries found in the PGM and touted as entities benevolent to the Magus in my own Book of Abrasax. The names incanted in the line invoking Jesus are also identical to those found throughout the corpus' elder works. Those who've read Abrasax know that these similarities are one of the things that aid me in reconstructing a system of modern magick from these ancient works. When a string of 20 names is found in one sheet and another sheet has a identical string which was cut off after the 11th due to an illegible portion of the MS or perhaps a missing piece of the papyrus, it is appropriate to complete that page using the 12th-20th names from the former. By associating rites in this new MS with those in the PGM and Bruce Codex, I have been able to further my research and complete more of the system. 

     SO, although I missed you, my dear readers, I am proud of what has been accomplished in the time since my last posts here on The Lion's Den, and look forward to sharing more of this work in the future.

*Although The Book of Abrasax has long sold out, there are a handful of the full leather editions available by contacting me directly


  1. Hello old friend and fellow magus, This sounds fascinating to say the least. I have been working with your Book of Abrasax and I must say that it is a wonderful book to work with. I will post a working on my blog I did only a little while ago from your book. The results were exactly what I asked for!

    1. That's great to hear! I hope all is well on your end my friend, stay in touch!

  2. So new book soon then??? Can't wait.