Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Nephilim Press Seconds Available

For those who took advantage of, and especially those who missed out on the recent offering of Nephilim Press' scratch and dent copies of The Holy Guardian Angel, there is another batch of the other titles available.

I got a call moments ago from Herman who Nephilim sold off all their discounted titles to asking me if I could post this advertisement as I did for the last batch. Nephilim recently completed their yearly inventory, and after accounting for everything they sold him a batch of 54 misc titles, all of which are now being offered to the public. He has:

10 Copies "The Book of Smokeless Fire" By S. Ben Qayin
5 Copies "Sabbatica" By Edgar Kerval
3 Copies - "The Keys of Ocat" By S. Connolly
1 Copy - Qlipoth
1 Copy - Grimoire of Tiamat By Asenath Mason
6 Copies - Seven Sphers By Rufus Opus

The rest will be listed on Saturday

Anyone interested please email HERMAN, not me and not Nephilim. Last time we posted about this I got a couple dozen emails and Nephilim got a hundred - These are available ONLY through:


See the pictures below for examples of the condition these are in. Most are perfect or with imperceptible flaws as shown in the book on the bottom, others have scuffing to the covers as shown on the top

UPDATE 4-29-15

Copies of Abrasax in full leather, the deluxe edition of Ocat and a couple of Nephilim's uber-fine editions are also available

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