Friday, June 2, 2017

Lucid Dreaming

In another example of science validating what *we* have known for centuries, Lucid Dreaming has, as I am sure you are all aware, gone mainstream and been validated by society as a valuable and enjoyable experience. Despite innumerable cases like this where what has always been common knowledge to us eventually receives mainstream endorsement, the overall field of Magic, (Sorcery, Witchcraft, any form of causing change to occur in accordance with one's will) is still largely regarded as "hokum", with the same people who now sing the praises of Lucid Dreaming being equally adamant in their disregard of Magic. Why? In a time where most of the world believes in one God or another, each with His own legend and mythos which is even harder to swallow than the fact that Man is capable of magical feats, people still choose to blindly accept the former as a matter of faith and laugh off the latter as the stuff of fiction. Why? How is it easier to accept that God manifested in flesh as his own Son, accomplished miracles in the name of his father/self, allowed himself/son to be killed to make up for sins of the past and which had yet to be committed by the very humans who killed him, resurrected and now sits in heaven waiting to come back than it is to accept that Man is capable of more than science can currently explain? 

As I sit here this morning reading a blog to which I go for reviews of new tech products, phones and computer gear and find that one of todays headlines is on the benefits (and risks?) of Lucid Dreaming, I find myself wondering if one day such a blog will, next to its critical review of the iPhone as boring, tout the benefits of evocation or espouse one of Jason Miller's financial sorcery techniques as a means of financial empowerment. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

First Feedback For Pactum: La Obra Magistral de la Hechicería Antigua

Before I touch on and share the feedback I have been receiving from the first recipients of this work, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported it and all of you who were among the first to order copies. 

It is because of you, friends, that I have the distinct honor to report that this book has set a new record at Nephilim Press by being the first and only Nephilim title to recover 100% of the production costs on the day of release! Given that Nephilim produces the most important and innovative books in the field and is the home to authors such as Humberto Maggi, Rufus Opus and Ashen Chassan, this is a HUGE honor, and the rapidity with which it is selling is humbling to myself and my co-author, Cat. 

500 copies were made for this initial print run, so if you'd like to get your hands on a copy before it sells out in the next couple of weeks, head on over to Nephilim Press

In the next week we will see some reviews from among the most respected practitioners and teachers in the field, but in the meanwhile I'd like to share excerpts from the emails and feedback received in the days since the first buyers began receiving their copies. 

The Masterpiece of Ancient Sorcery,  Pactum, is a perfect example of what happens when experts in the fields of ceremonial magick and rootwork put aside the silly ass "whose tradition is better" nonsense and focus on what can we do together. I love MC's work, from Crossed Keys to Abrasax, he always brings the best, but with my time and space constraints I can't really go full on evocation and ceremonial magic, so to have his level of expertise combined with Cat's usual practicality and emphasis on"keeping it simple, stupid" this book has opened new worlds to me

I am very happily surprised - until now the only notion I had of any manuscript called Pactum was a cheap copy I found online in which I was definitely not impressed. This work shares nothing with that version except a title, and proves how many venerable Grimoires over the years get beat down, bowdlerized and ripped off until they are no longer recognizable when judged next to the original. MC's Pactum is jam packed with practical spells and rites for everything from revenge to protection and even the ever present getting laid, and best of all, so far anyway, it WORKS!

Reviewer requested anonymity

Dude you fucking ROCK. In one binding I have a seriously great manuscript brought together by the best in the game, AND a whole course and education in hoodoo love/sex magic and rootwork by Cat! (The Original Ninja Cat I mean, not that crazy bitch)

Fr. Malach-El

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Update: At The Printers

For all of those who have reached out to Cat and I asking for an update on our forthcoming book, I am happy to confirm that the volume is back at the printers being readied for release. The endpaper and cover design we had originally chosen didn't look quite as we'd expected when the proof reached us, so we contracted with a talented artist well known in the community, and last week we approved his proposed art and sent the book off to be born. 

Subscribe to Nephilim's mailing list for a release announcement and to place your orders - it will be well worth the wait my friends!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Forthcoming Title, A Collaboration With Cat Work

Greetings, friends, fraters, readers and haters! Having spent the better part of the last year in relative isolation awaiting the birth of my first child, undergoing an initiation and focusing on the growth and development of a brotherhood to whom I belong, I now surface with news of interest to all. 

First, this winter will see the release of a new book; a collaboration with my sister and partner Cat Work, of, and the first release in my previously announced series The Castillian Grimoires of Alfonso X. This volume includes a direct translation of a previously unpublished manuscript that fits perfectly into the category of "Books of Secrets", and deals largely with magics of seduction, love, lust and romance (while still including token rites of evocation and the usual prosperity, protection etc.)  The manuscript, however valuable on its own, would be of little use to the novice if presented as a standalone volume.  Therefore, in keeping with my commitment to making the magic of our predecessors both accessible and practical today, I enlisted the most innovative, skilled and talented mind in the field of rootwork, hoodoo and natural magic, Cat Work as a collaborator. Alongside the direct translation Cat has provided both modernized versions of the rites contained therein (Much as I did in Abrasax) and a complete course/Grimoire in the form of Magic used throughout the work, as taught to her own students. 

Subscribe to Nephilim Press' newsletter and mailing list for further details and release dates. 

Visit my online hub at or contact me 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Evocation - How (NOT) To Do It

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of working with a young man who has been ardently pursuing mastery of Evocation and who, despite having made several dozen attempts, has had no luck whatsoever and was quite perturbed at the universe's complete ambivalence to his adjurations. (his words, not mine). Having read some posts on various fora indicating that for Evocation, I was the man to see, he decided to reach out and find out just why MY calls are answered when his are not. 

After the preliminary stuff, i.e. finding out where he learned his methods from and if he was practicing from a manuscript then which, I dug into the matter at hand directly and asked him to describe his ceremony and from start to finish how he performed his rite. 

As it turns out, while he had very good intentions and was sincere in his desire, his actual practice was inspired by something found online that purported to be a failed ceremonial evocation. He found a video on Youtube which, he thought, was a recording of a genuine evocation; albeit one that failed and left the evocateur angry and impotent. In keeping with what he saw there, he had googled "evocation of demons", printed out what he believed to be the most authentic "seance", and replicated what he had seen in the video.  Intrigued by the idea of an actual evocation on film, I asked him to find it and send me the link.

This is what he had been watching. 



Even the most inexperienced reader of this blog will, I'm sure, be able to point out any number of issues with this "seance", but I figured it would give everyone a bit of chuckle so I decided to share it along with this post. The full video can be found on Youtube, including all manner of preparations and "aftermath" videos where the subject of the video describes in detail how his life has gone down the drain since this ceremony and all of the horrible things he sees in his dreams since "selling his soul to the devil". Quite the conundrum this poor gent finds himself in. 

Anyway, to the point, while almost comedic, this video does demonstrate one of the behaviors that prevents aspiring evocateurs from succeeding, and that is the "matter of factly" way he carries himself, reading the script of his conjuration as if he was reading a cookie recipe, wearing the clothes he had on all day and just a lackadaisical manner. While the above video can be ruled out as an obvious gag and not at all a serious attempt to summon Lucifer, many are the times I have encountered students who mirror his halfhearted effort when engaged in ceremonial magick, condemning their rite before even completing it. 

While we needn't carry ourselves with the stodgy, stick-up-the-rear up-tightness of say an AE Waite (as portrayed in Moonchild anyway), we DO need to keep in mind that we aren't hanging out with friends watching Sunday Football. One way I tend to illustrate the point is to tell the aspirant to recall how they behave when they are in their manager's office at work, discussing a possible raise. Then, imagine how they'd carry themselves if the vice president of the company walked in that office, and then the CEO. Well behaved, focused and on task, right? So why give less than that when addressing angels and deities? 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Some Books Offered For Sale

Cleaning out my closet as I periodically do I have found it necessary to prune my collection once again, and so I am offering a handful of titles for sale here to interested persons.

To purchase any of these titles, send me an email or use the contact link found here

1) Hell Fire Club Books - Pyramidos, Fine Edition. (More Info Here) comes with personally signed card from the author.  - $100
2) Society of Esoteric Endeavor - Horseman's Grip and Word, Standard HD with Dust Jacket - $30
3) Clavis Journal, #2 - $20
4) Aletheia: Astrology For Thelemites - $40
5) Seven Spheres, HC  - $60
6) Book of Abrasax, Leather Edition, Signed  - $150
7) Ritual Offerings - $50
8) Magic Circles in The Grimoire Tradition - $40
9) Liber L Vel Bogus  - ?
10) Hadean Press & Occult Consultancy's "Spirit Cards" Divination Oracle (Limited to 50)

Friday, August 21, 2015

New Home On The Web

Not long ago I removed my website from the internet when my web host's failure to implement basic security protocol resulted in a large breach and loss of user data & personal information. Since then I've been without a web presence. This wasn't a major concern for me since I have no desire to attract those with idle curiosity or whose google search for "spellcaster to get me girls" brought them my way, and since for me what's important is practice, teaching and writing, not having a super cool website with all sorts of dark imagery.

This morning I achieved a happy medium, publishing a rather pleasant looking site that captures my own personality through the design and which serves to convey the necessary information without taking up a huge amount of my time to maintain. 

Thus I am happy to introduce my new website, found here:

As my practice and personal system of magick have evolved, the term "Grimoire Magick" has become less and less appropriate. While the thrust of my work remains rooted in the classical Grimoires, my primary interest these days is in reconstructing the Coptic/ Gnostic Magick as espoused in The Book of Abrasax. For that reason, I have switched from the domain to which, at this point in my career, feels more appropriate. Because let's face it, some of the shit I'm doing and winning with would likely piss off the authors of the Grimoires, albeit impressing them at the same time. 

The site is a work in progress, a couple of the sections are as yet untouched but will soon be complete.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Contact Form Fixed

According to a couple of readers, the contact form I use for this blog (Top left of the page) was disabled recently, so I have replaced it with an easier one. I apologize to those who were unable to reach me - you can now enter your message directly without having to navigate to another page.

Those who were trying to contact me for the leather copies of the Book of Abrasax, the course or the leftover talismans please do so now using the new form.