Saturday, April 23, 2011

Indexing The Grimoire Tradition -

Inspired by RO's posting in the G4J Forum on Planetary Charity, I've been thinking over the last few days on a way to make use of this method of tapping into the current, and also performing some form of charity in the name of my patrons, Aset, Asar, Anpu and Heru for all they do for me. 

After reading Conjureman Ali's post yesterday I was reminded of a project I have been planning to undertake for a few years now, but which was pushed to the back burner by the events and obligations of mundane life. Over the next weeks, and quite possibly months, I'm going to be working this, and I expect it will occupy a great deal of time, but should be well worth it. The project of which I speak is a comprehensive listing of valuable and reliable resources and information for the aspiring Grimoric Magus. Throughout the many years I've been in study and practice of Magick, I have come to the realization that no where is Sturgeon's Revelation more true than in the world of the occult. At the moment, a google search for "Grimoire Magick" will yield 211,000 results. 90% of which, as advertised by Sturgeon and proven by years and years of research, "is crap", and a huge number of which are controlled by the charlatans of which Conjureman Ali spoke.

Originally, it was envisioned as an appendix for Crossed Keys,  but it quickly became obvious that this would make the book prohibitively long, as the sheer magnitude of the appendix would in all likelihood rival the corpus of Crossed Keys. I was contemplating an abridgement, possibly presenting only the bare minimum, when Peter Grey at Scarlet Imprint suggested that, like the Grimoire Tradition itself, such a listing would be a living, changing thing. Also that presenting an abridgement thereof would be redundant as Scarlet Imprint's readership has proven to be among the most educated and well versed in the field, and will already be familiar with the "best of the best" which is what I'd intended to offer in the shortened version. Those who would benefit most from such a comprehensive list, separating the gold from pyrite, are those new to the occult, aspirants who are just starting out as was I when I began my search. Peter further suggested that the most appropriate venue for such a resource would be a blog, open to all and adaptable as things change.

As has consistently proven to be the case, his words rang true and the idea of a printed listing transmuted into that of an online, living and growing site where the aspiring magus, student, practitioner or researcher alike can go to find resources that have proven themselves NOT to be classed under Sturgeons 90%. I also decided that it should be a collaborative effort, where I would not be the only contributor and those whose experience dwarves my own could offer their own insight.

Being a project manager and organizer by trade, I am always looking for ways to build on and expand "good" plans and morph them into "outstanding ones", so while the pragmatic portion of me was standing on my left shoulder in the form of a little angel, as you see frequently in comedies, the organizer part of me stood atop my right shoulder cursing and  flinging obscenities at his counterpart saying that if a thorough resource listing was sufficient, an entire community would be freakin' awesome.

Right now it looks as though it will be hosted on its own domain which I have just purchased,, and presented on a phpBB style bulletin board, a format I've grown fond of in my time using the superb Evocation Magics forum. This will allow for comment and discussion on any of the topics and resources listed, as well as new additions to be posted by selected moderators.

In the interest of maintaining credibility and objectivity, this site will NOT be a commercial endeavor. There will be no advertising, no pay per click banners and no paid promotions. Having received a hell of a boon over the past few days as a result of my G4J work and with the help of my patrons,  I'll foot the bill, and all the resources listed will be there because they've earned the right. The forums will be open for discussion, mentoring and guidance, but this site is NOT being designed to rival Evocation Magic, Lashtal or any other; it has one primary purpose and that is providing as vast and comprehensive a database of resources as possible and helping sincere seekers separate the shit from the shinola.

Some of the sections I had included in the printed manifestation of this project, and also some newly inspired additions which will take shape on are:

  • A thread for each known Grimoire including; 1. Complete listing of all published editions including notes, commentaries and differences between 2. As complete a listing as possible of the MSS of the Grimoire in each of the Libraries and collections, 3. Exhaustive list of online and in print resources, blog entries, articles and bibliographies related to it 4. Sources where required materia magica for working with the Grimoire can be acquired 5. a section for workings and rites which have been written or used by practitioners 6. a section for discussion
  • A thread listing booksellers and antiquarian dealers of good repute from whom one can obtain rare or out of print books without the standard 500% ebay sellers' markup
  • A listing of the publishers of related works and their contact info, titles, and reviews thereof by the community members highlighting the best works being brought forth in our times. 
  • Listings of reliable and honest online and offline venues, botanicas, and distributors carrying products necessary for the practices of Grimoric Magick. 
  • Online classroom, for instruction sessions and lectures by prominent practitioners
  • A Book discussion group
  • Live chat
  • Anything else anyone can suggest that will add value to the site. 

The first and very rough draft of the site can be found here; It is nowhere near complete as all I've done so far is lay out about 1/5 of the total forum topics. 


    1. Mr. Cecchetelli:

      I just stumbled upon the announcement of your forthcoming translation of the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III. However, it seems that I may be a bit late as I've been informed by Scarlet Imprint that all of the edition that was housed in the leather bag as instructed in the original text have sold out. I am writing your blog in hopes that I may possibly be able to purchase this edition directly from you, the translator. Is this possible? Thank you for your time.

      Best Regards,


    2. I wish I could help you C.J., as I truly love when copies of the work go to those who will appreciate them most; But I receive only two copies of that edition. My deepest apologies that none was available.