Sunday, April 10, 2011

Magick - One Hell of an Anti Depressant

Bottle it up, stock it en masse at every pharmacy. Fire the psychiatrists and give the Magi license to prescribe and dispense small doses of their craft to the huddled masses suffering from depression, anxiety, and those like myself who were just having a shitty day. We'll put freakin' prozac right out of business.

Today, from the time I woke at 9 (hey its my day off, I deserve a little friggin sleep once a week) until about 11pm, I was having the proverbial shitty day. Nothing in particular wrong, just longing for the days when I had life by the short hairs, remembering when I never rolled out of bed 'till 11am and never got back in it till 3am, when I could spent more in a weekend than the average job pays in a month, and how much has changed since 2003 when the sky fell in. You know, the weight of the world settling in on my shoulders; Heavy is the head that holds the Crown and all that. So rather than doing anything productive or attending to one of my many projects, I sat around in a decidedly pissy mood, in silent protest of the world's lack of cooperation with my plans. In the interest of ending this poor excuse for a day, I decided to hit the sack early at around 11. Screw this day and the horse it rode in on!

On my way to bed I stole a glance at my altar and remembered I need to pick up more incense and Abramelin oil as I am running low. So, angry at myself for the wasted day, I decided I'd do at least one productive thing and take inventory so I could hit Botanica San Lazaro tomorrow and pick up what I'm short on. Doing so, I noticed that I had one cone each of Frankincense and Myrhh, and really, who the hell leaves a whole box laying around with just one cone in it? Waste of friggin space. So I decided I'd make a quick offering before I call it a night, since I'd admittedly been a little neglectful of my patron over the past week.

Fast forward 30 minutes, after a quick shower and anointing myself with what remained of my Abramelin oil, I'm in the temple to do just that, intending to do nothing spectacular or complex, just a quick offering and invocation. After a quick zoning rite, I stand before my statues of Aset, Asar, Heru and Anpu, incense lit, reciting each of their hymns. Rather than ending here, as I'd fully intended, I decide to meditate among them until the incense cones burn out. Taking my seat in the god position, I do just that. Shortly into the meditation, I look up and away from the burner and discover I'm no longer alone. Immediately abandoning the meditation, I make the sign of deference (as seen in the book of the dead and innumerable other sources; Both hands held in front of me, palms facing forward), as I always do, and greet my benefactors, whose presence was neither expected or requested, but is always welcome.

Fast forward again; after closing the temple I return to the main room to discover that 2 hours have elapsed rather than the half hour I'd expected, and that the glum, pissy mood in which I spent the day has been shattered completely and I am happier than a fat kid having a sleep over at little debbie's house. Fired up and full of energy, I walk into the living room to break open the digitized Harley MSS I received from BNL for my next project, where I'm greeted by very own modern day Nefertari looking radiant as always, who, in her inimitable way, proceeds to remind me that, in her words, "I've spent the day looking like someone peed in my wheaties" and demands to know just what antidepressant I've come upon that has cheered me so...

My answer, of course; "It's Magick baby, Magick!"

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