Friday, April 22, 2011

A Night For Me To Remember - Crossed Keys Available For Pre-Order

My Friends at Scarlet Imprint announced the opening of Pre-Orders for Crossed Keys, my first foray into the world of publication. Today, then, is a day of celebration for me and one I plan to commemorate with a very involved working to begin this evening and culminate in the wee hours of the morning. Coming on the heels of my first work with the Gentlemen For Jupiter group, about which I wrote last night, I am expecting it to be an entirely different experience for me, as I am still overflowing with , for lack of a better term, Jupiter Juice.

Tonight, however, will not include planetary magick. Instead, I will be memorializing the day with a repetition of the culminating ritual of the Black Dragon, which I executed years ago, to great success.

Because S.I. has broken their silence and announced the book formally, I can now answer a question I've received a half dozen times since word first spread that I'd undertaken this work. The question is: Why I chose Black Dragon for my first published work. The answer is that through extensive experimentation therewith, I chanced upon the key to the grimoire that made the entire system make sense. This transformed it from a "pick and choose" collection of workings to a viable, practical and effective system, to be undertaken similarly to the Abramelin Working. That is, in a very specific order, culminating in an "initiation" into the system of magick of the Black Dragon. It follows a very particular structure and sequence; Start here, unlock door #1 to get to door #2, unlock door #2 to get to door #3, unlock door #3, and so on until the Magus completes the whole, unlocking the final door and walking through it into ascendance, whereupon the spirits of the Black Dragon are at his service.

So, having now segued into my personal history with the manuscript, the answer to the questions is that I chose this as my first published work because I found in it something that has been long overlooked. That something is the key to a sarcophagus within which I found a fully established magickal current. Make no mistake, it is a very powerful current, which has lain dormant for centuries as the manuscripts which held its secrets collected dust.

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